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DHLs GoTeach program forges employability for young people

DHL's GoTeach program forges employability for young people

 March 25, 2024

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Top employer DHL says "The first step into the world of work can be hard, especially if you're from a disadvantaged background. Globally, the youth unemployment rate is 13.3%, 3.5 times higher than the adult unemployment rate."

Through DHL's GoTeach program, the company aims to help improve employability.

Together with DHL's global partners, SOS Children's Villages International and Teach For All, DHL helps to empower young people from vulnerable backgrounds to transition to the world of work, something that is a core focus of the company's GoTeach program. Through DHL's My First Job initiative, the company enables young talents to become permanent members of the DHL family.

Piloted in 11 countries in Latin America, this one-year employability program supports young people's development through training, courses and mentoring.

"We're proud to have many My First Job alumni working at DHL," says DHL.

DHL My First Job employability program

Improving employability via GoTeach program

Empowering the next generation today builds the foundation for tomorrow's economic stability and growth. DHL's GoTeach program aims to improve employment opportunities for young people, especially those from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds.

DHL empowering young talent

Millions of young people today will face significant hurdles when seeking employment in the future. More than one in five youth aged 15 to 24 are not in education, employment, or training, also known as the NEET (not in education, employment or training) rate. This means some 289 million individuals are missing a critical phase in their personal and professional growth, cites DHL.

The importance of helping young people acquire the skills and knowledge needed to get a job cannot be understated. Education holds the key to employment and financial independence. In today’s rapidly changing world, empowering the next generation can boost economic stability and drive innovation.

Empowering young people to attain skills for the future

DHL training and mentoring

GoTeach provides local impact on a global scale.

By working with partners, DHL's volunteers make a difference in their communities while belonging to a worldwide community of volunteers working to improve the lives and futures of young people.

DHL GoTeach

DHL's global team is a pool of 600,000 potential role models, and the company wants to allow them to share their knowledge and expertise.

DHL's vision is to empower young people to attain the skills they need to be prepared for what lies ahead, so they can live successful and independent lives.

DHL helps forge employment opportunities for young people

DHL consistently connects people and improves lives, meaning colleagues are always doing meaningful work across the world.

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