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Sanjana Aidasani's work helps protect DHL's legal interests

 April 04, 2024

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DHL is the world’s most international company, operating in more than 220 countries and territories, meaning that a DHL career can take its employees anywhere.

DHL's legal team comprises of valiant women who are protecting the interests, and providing legal support to DHL Global Forwarding's stations in Africa and the Middle East.

Meet DHL's Sanjana Aidasani, the Legal and Compliance Coordinator for Danzas Dubai, a DHL logistics and transport services specialist for Dubai and the Northern Emirates.

A solid interest in business law

Sanjana initially chose law because she was obsessed with the black gowns worn in court.

"I actually wanted to wear that, but then it just took a turn and I shifted to business law, so I never got to go to the courts and wear that," says Sanjana.

Sanjana says working with DHL supports her personal development and career growth, especially due to the various tools and platforms DHL has that help her excel in her job.

"Digitalization is the future and DHL is working towards it. It has adopted a lot...it is future ready, and it will be the future," says Sanjana.

Consistently learning as a recent graduate

Sanjana is a new graduate, having a year and a half of experience in the industry.

"I must say I'm loving every aspect, and every day is a learning experience for me," shares Sanjana.

"Having a team member with me, along me all the time is of course helpful. It's easily reachable, especially when you're face-to-face you can go discuss your problems, explain to them what we're facing, what problems we have, and we come to a mutual solution."

"The team is also a call away, and we can just give them a call anytime, and they are just there to help you," adds Sanjana.

DHL colleagues are a team

"Since we are all miles apart and when we come together, we are a family, and, of course, a family has fun. So we go out, we try to spend maximum time with each other," concludes Sanjana.

Embark on a rewarding career with a global company

DHL's culture, values, and the way its colleagues work together as a team ensure that everyone feels valued and rewarded for the contribution they bring.

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