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DHL Global Forwarding & DHL Freight forge DGFF Wellbeing Cup

DHL Global Forwarding & DHL Freight forge DGFF Wellbeing Cup

 April 23, 2024

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DHL knows that in order to achieve excellence, it is vital to nourish the health and wellbeing of its employees, so that they can be their best self every day.

DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight have launched the DGFF Wellbeing Cup, a step forward for the company's colleagues to elevate their health and wellbeing.

Embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing

Over the course of 30 days, DHL Global Forwarding and DHL Freight colleagues, as well as DHL company Hillebrand Gori colleagues, unite to prioritize their physical fitness, mental wellness, and overall balance. From exercise to mindfulness practices, healthy nutrition to self-care routines, the DGFF Wellbeing Cup offers countless ways for employees to level up their wellbeing through tracking exercises, recording workouts, and engaging in activities through mobile, sports devices and even smartwatches.

During the DGFF Wellbeing Cup, DHL Global Forwarding elevates its focus on embracing a holistic approach to wellbeing and nurturing a healthier and happier lifestyle, as its colleagues undertake the ultimate fitness and health adventure.

Importance of healthy and engaged employees

Supporting the health and wellbeing of its employees is essential for DHL.

As the logistics company for the world, DHL fulfills its purpose of connecting people and improving lives. Achieving this depends on healthy and engaged employees working in an environment that promotes health and wellbeing, supported by the company's values of Respect and Results. This is an important component of sustainable productivity and DHL's best-in-class service quality.

DHL believes caring means creating a friendly work environment, where an inclusive workforce with different skills, experiences, and viewpoints come together as one, work-oriented global team. Caring also means taking corporate social responsibility seriously and being committed to diversity, equity, and belonging. Employees share the same mindset, and are celebrated for the unique contribution everyone brings.

Join an employer supporting employee wellbeing

DHL has worked hard to create an environment where every individual can keep learning, keep growing, and enjoy a rewarding long-term career.

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