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Lysette Ashmore directly applies skills on her DHL apprenticeship

 May 29, 2024

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DHL's apprenticeship programmes in the UK are designed by supply chain industry professionals and best in class learning providers. DHL's apprentices have a structured development plan, with real responsibility from day one, whilst gaining a wealth of professional skills and experience.

Learn more about what it’s like to be an apprentice with DHL Supply Chain from Degree Level Apprentice and Business Performance Management Support Manager, Lysette Ashmore.

Working full-time whilst earning a qualification

Lysette shares that she chose to embark on a DHL apprenticeship for the qualification and to be able to work full-time whilst earning. It gave her the opportunity to use the skills that she'd learnt through her qualification and apply this to a real-time role with DHL.

Lysette chose the DHL Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship because it was an alternative to going to full-time university education.

"It meant that I could apply what I learnt to a job that I really wanted to do, which was management in the end," says Lysette.

"It also allowed me to learn about the different business functions and where they sit in the business."

Applying learning directly to the workplace

Lysette explains that the biggest benefit of doing a DHL apprenticeship is that each individual can apply what they've learnt directly to the workplace.

"So, rather than learning it all in the three or four years during your education, and then applying it to a role, it means that you can actively apply what you've learnt directly to what you're doing at the same time," comments Lysette.

"The other benefit is that you get a fast track into your career. So, rather than spending three years in full-time education, you get pretty much put straight into work, and you can start your career fast track from there."

Receiving support and guided through the process

Lysette received various levels of support during her apprenticeship. She had support from the qualification provider, and also had support from the DHL emerging talent team who guided her through the process.

"I also had support from my line manager and the wider team, who gave me accessibility to the different teams to learn what they do and also give me a broad range of what I could do in the future," shares Lysette.

Apprenticeships provide valuable learning opportunities

For Lysette, the one piece of advice that she would give to someone doing an apprenticeship with DHL is get themselves out there.

"Really take on opportunities. Look for something new to learn and really learn from people around you. It increases your network and also increases your skills and knowledge to then apply to your apprenticeship," concludes Lysette.

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