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Amazon’s engineers are creating tomorrow’s future

Amazon’s engineers are creating tomorrow’s future

 November 06, 2017

You: “Alexa, I’m looking for a job where I can build products straight out of science fiction.”
Alexa: “I have found matching jobs for you in the Alexa Speech team in Cambridge, UK. What role are you looking for?”
You: “I’d like to work on making you even smarter than you are today.”
Alexa: “Wonderful. There are multiple roles in Cambridge where you can do that, here are the details …”

Does this conversation sound familiar to you? If you have an Amazon Echo device in your house you may be used to asking ‘Alexa’ a whole array of questions and orders, BUT if you are unsure what or who ‘Alexa’ is, read on.

Back in 2014, Amazon released a range of ‘smart’ speakers named Amazon Echo. Echo devices are controlled by a cloud-based voice-recognition service named ‘Alexa’. ‘Alexa’ is a female voice that becomes active when the wake word of her namesake is spoken by the user. Advanced speech-unit technology and collaboration with a number of compatible skills has allowed ‘Alexa’ to respond to users questions and act on requests such as “Alexa….play let it be” to “Alexa….Ask Laundrapp to collect my laundry”. This is certainly technology of the future.

Innovative technologies are impacting people’s lives

Amazon’s Alexa celebrates its third anniversary during Tomorrow’s Engineers Week. Meanwhile, Engineering UK has published research regarding school children and working adults’ feeling towards living and working with robots and how technology like Amazon’s Alexa may impact people’s lives. The research found that eight per cent of young people admit they already speak to their voice-activated personal assistant like a friend. 14% of adults recognise they have used a robot in their home, and 38% of adults have used a voice-activated-personal-assistant in their home. This includes using it to play music (31%), to search the Internet (26%), to control household functions (15%) and to add items to diaries, set reminders or alarms (9%)

Women working on Amazon’s market leading innovations

It is clear that artificial intelligence (AI) and voice technology like Alexa are transforming households and workplaces at a staggering rate, and there are many impressive roles for women to work on this quickly advancing technology.

“Voice is a natural and convenient user interface, and we are beginning to see the impact that speech and language technology is having on the world. While we’ve solved a lot of difficult problems so far with Alexa, voice technology is still rapidly evolving and there are many opportunities to get involved and improve it even further,” states Catherine Breslin, who works on Alexa as a Machine Learning Manager.

Amazon has a wide variety of career opportunities in future technologies

Amazon has an amazing selection of opportunities for the right candidates. Take a look at the current vacancies they are offering at this exciting time and discover a world of possibilities.


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