Capgemini's support for women returners certainly helped Lavanya

 June 19, 2024

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Capgemini recognizes that the transition from a career break back into the workplace can be challenging.

The company's Relaunch program supports those who have taken a career break and seek to return to work. Talented professionals are supported back into the business via a tailored six-month program that helps refresh and update skills, as well as develop confidence. For Capgemini, supporting a returner into the business provides a fresh way of attracting experienced talent that may otherwise have felt challenged being away from the workforce for a period of time.

Meet Lavanya, one of many women enjoying a thriving relaunched career thanks to Capgemini. After taking a career break to focus on her young family, Lavanya leveraged the Relaunch program to re-enter the workforce and pursue her passion for consulting.

Here, Lavanya shares her story of re-entering the workforce and her advice to others on a similar career path.

Enjoying an extensive career

Lavanya's background is in Banking and Trust Management. With over 12 years experience in this area, Lavanya's main focus was marketing, sales, products, and client relationships. She has also done wealth advisory for many years. "I am very passionate about it because I get to solve people's problems. I like that part of the work," says Lavanya.

Choosing quality family time

With this experience under her belt, in 2019 Lavanya decided to take a career break. With her young family of two sons, Lavanya relocated internationally. Lavanya also traveled a lot, spending quality time with her family.

"We even learned how to camp. It's amazing and definitely one of the best decisions I've made," she says.

Pivoting to a consulting career

With her extensive experience in banking, Lavanya always wanted a career in consulting. For her, the next step was exposure to various industries, which led her to Capgemini.

"Consulting provides that opportunity," explains Lavanya. "I'm quite lucky that Capgemini also comes with a technology background. It's the best of both worlds. That's the whole part of why I chose to come back to the consulting industry."

Offering some great career advice 

Lavanya offers her advice to someone looking to re-enter the workforce.

"I would say the most important qualities are being agile and flexible. Everything else just falls into place. In today's world, what is set today is not going to be what it's going to be tomorrow. Everything is going to evolve. Knowing your space and being adaptable to certain ways of working, I think it's a good move for you to survive in this industry. I don't have to say much because, for most people out there with families, being agile and flexible is something that you have to do managing your household. Every experience counts," says Lavanya.

"I don't come from a technology background. I do have minimal exposure, and it used to daunt me. But being in this field now made me realize that the experience that I have brings fresh ideas into the technology space. I have industry experience with the customer side of things. The knowledge that I have of technology really helps me out in this area. I would say to everyone out there - don't be afraid of trying to enter this industry because you feel like technology is a new jargon altogether," Lavanya adds.

Explaining her ideal superpower 

Finally, Lavanya shares the one superpower that she would like to have: "Teleporting. Why? Because imagine the possibility of beating the traffic. I'm at home, I'm dressing up, and in the next snap of a finger I'm going to work. Or I'm at work and I go: I just need to have coffee. Where do I want to have coffee? I want to go to the Eiffel Tower. And a snap of a finger, you're beside the Eiffel Tower having your croissant and your coffee. It would be amazing having the ability to be anywhere without a constraint of time and just a snap of a finger. I think that will be the best superpower that anybody could have."

Supporting women returners 

Capgemini womenretruners

For candidates currently having a career break of 18 months or more and considering going back to work, Capgemini's Relaunch program could be exactly the opportunity to take that first step. 

The program provides:

  • Initial 6-month, fixed-term contract with a view to becoming a permanent employee.
  • Four Returners coaching sessions over the 6-month period.
  • Tailored L&D plan devised with the business to support the Returner back in the workforce.
  • Support network of existing Returners.

Candidates don't need to have worked at Capgemini before to join the program, it is open to all, providing they are currently having a career break for 18 months or more. 

Enjoy a positive return to work with Capgemini

Capgemini creates a supportive environment for all of its employees, including those returning to work after a career break.

Learn more about Capgemini's Relaunch program and research the wide range of jobs the company recruits for. 


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