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Making a difference in tech and beyond at Oracle

Making a difference in tech and beyond at Oracle

 January 16, 2018

For Moumita, Senior Manager Software Development for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), starting her career as a developer more than ten years ago was sparked by a noble disposition. “I‘ve always liked to help people,” she says. At Oracle, she’s been able to help others through the power of the technology she and her team develop, but she’s also been able to help others through the empowerment that Oracle’s culture provides.

Enterprise customers, on one hand, benefit greatly from OCI’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings, which is what brought Moumita to join Oracle in the first place. “The most exciting factor is we’re building IaaS from scratch, which very few companies can do, because it needs a lot of resources,” she explains. “The experience is very cool; it’s something you can’t get in just any company,” Moumita adds.

The impact that Moumita and her team’s work has can’t be overstated. As she says, “We’re geared towards providing very secure IaaS. The number one thing that Oracle’s many Fortune 500 customers look for in any cloud platform is security; it’s what they look for when they want to host an application on a cloud platform. The products and services that I work on are the most critical to the success of our customers trusting us with hosting their applications in the cloud.”

But technology isn’t the only thing that makes Oracle strong. Oracle’s culture is crucial to the company’s success. As Moumita mentions, “Every single person that I’ve come across at Oracle has been really helpful and encouraging.” And it’s thanks to that encouragement that Moumita has been able to help others through Women of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure leadership group, a committee she helped start with some of her OCI colleagues. “I’m very passionate about growing talent and mentoring women with careers in tech,” she shares.

In order for Oracle to continue its impactful work, the best talent out there needs to join its driven, dynamic, and innovative teams. Are you that talent they’re looking for? If so, Oracle would like to meet you and offer you a career in one of the tech industry’s top companies. Start by sending your resume to Louise Kemp de Jong and mentioning your interest in Oracle. They’ll be glad to get in touch with you and discuss available opportunities.


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