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Enjoy helping people? An EY tax career may be for you

Enjoy helping people? An EY tax career may be for you

EY’s entrepreneurial and multinational clients have to make crucial decisions about their complex tax obligations which can make a vital difference to their business. Tax professionals at EY provide the insight, advice and guidance its clients need to navigate today’s tax regimes successfully.

Enjoying a role on the tax team at EY is Willo, who helps clients figure out if they can claim the tax break offered for Research & Development programs. “We evaluate projects to see if they qualify for the tax benefit and then calculate how much it is. Some clients aren’t aware that they could be eligible for R&D, so we can make a huge difference to their company,” she explains.

Employees are truly valued at EY

When you work at EY, you gain exposure to some of the most demanding and stimulating challenges in the business world. But this does not mean EY is an intimidating workplace, on the contrary! EY truly values diversity of thought and relies on the skills, attitude and knowledge of its people. When Willo was asked to work on recent project involving a start-up software company, she jumped at the opportunity. Designing an online platform that helps 'non-social media savvy' elderly people connect to each other based on interests, hobbies and locations, Willo was delighted that EY trusted her to run the engagement by herself.

Supportive and collaborative teams

“I had to understand how the platform works, and look at the experiments the team used to build it, so we could see what costs might receive a tax break. I don’t have a background in IT, but my colleagues who do helped me figure it out. Being in charge, I had to really challenge myself. It was hard to find my way through the legislation, but I knew my manager was there to help if I needed it. And I had to keep the client up to date and earn their trust and confidence.”

As the software company did not have the resources or time to fully explore the possibility of a tax-break, Willo’s team was able to fully support the client and enabled them to get back much more of a return than they expected. “We helped give this small company a huge financial boost to work on the next phase of their project. It was a great feeling,” explains Willo.

An exciting time to join EY

You could start a career in Tax and be part of a team that contributes by assisting companies to access tax incentives, government grants and export incentives. The national team consists of programmers, engineers, scientists, lawyers and accountants who have a genuine interest in technology, innovation and growth. Does this sound like you? Take a look at these current vacancies.

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