Experienced Hires at Vodafone

Exciting prospects for experienced hires at Vodafone

Exciting prospects for experienced hires at Vodafone

Want to be part of a community, not a company?  Want to nurture a career, not just a job? Then you’ve come to the right place. You could contribute towards connecting people, businesses and communities in the digital world. Whether you’re a corporate champion, a telco technical expert, a dedicated digital marketer, or you thrive on customer relationships - you'll find a myriad of exciting roles at your fingertips at Vodafone. With the internet, digital technology and mobile innovation driving unimaginable change, there’s no better time to jump on board. So climb in, learn all about the powerful digital telco business. The future is exciting. Ready?

Contact Centres and Retail

Vodafone is on the hunt for budding customer service and retail specialists. That’s basically anybody who has a real passion for helping people and giving their all, every single day. Vodafone is after genuine, hardworking types who have customer service at the heart of what they do.

There’s nothing more important to Vodafone than having reassured customers who feel they’ve got a friend. That’s why Vodafone is always just a phone call or chat away, or ready to greet customers in stores. That’s why Vodafone always listens and helps. No matter how big or small the issue, Vodafone gets things done - with a big smile and without a big fuss.

Vodafone is continuing to invest in this crucial part of its business so that it can continue to deliver truly amazing experiences to its customers. 


As a bold global technology leader, Vodafone's products and services touch millions of people every day. From saving lives in Africa with its world leading mobile money service M-Pesa, to creating a Gigabit Society where everyone benefits from ubiquitous and reliable high-speed connectivity. Vodafone even helps cows get connected to save the lives of their calves and improve farm profitability. Further from earth it is working to establish the first 4G network on the moon. The future is definitely exciting!

Vodafone relies on the brightest sparks to help it deliver new innovations. So join the people at Vodafone who use technology as a force for good and help it create a more connected future for a better tomorrow.

Focused on building the best network, providing a knockout digital experience and giving back the very best to its business customers. Not bad for a company some thought was just a mobile network provider, right?


When it comes to taking care of businesses - Vodafone has got it covered. Enterprise manages its business customers, offering fixed, mobile and converged services. So whether you’re a budding start up, or a seasoned multinational corporation - Vodafone is always on hand to help.

Vodafone is revolutionising how its business customers use voice, messaging, data and fixed-line solutions to ensure they are ready for today. Most importantly, though – Vodafone is boldly paving the way for the future, especially when it comes to new ideas and ground-breaking digital technology!

You could be working to help revolutionise how businesses and public sector institutions are confidently connected. Or even become a part of Vodafone's Group Enterprise team, ensuring global multinational organisations stay agile and competitive – wherever in the world they do business.


Great business decisions are only as great as the commercial teams making them, and Vodafone has got one of the best in the world.

Its commercial teams are the bedrock of Vodafone, making the most of opportunities every day. Vodafone is proud to recruit the talent that empowers it to succeed both commercially and operationally. It provides Big Data, Insights and Analysis so that it is armed and ready to shape its future. More insights, more innovation and more freedom.  Joining Vodafone's Commercial team means you will look at strategy, transformation, bids and products. You will evaluate solutions, costs and competition and you will be encouraged and rewarded for initiating your own route to success.

Whether you work in Partner Markets, Consumer Products and Services, Commercial Management, Brand and Marketing, Consumer IOT, Big Data or Insight and Analytics, you’ll be shaping the future of Vodafone.

Corporate functions

Corporate functions sit in the heart of Vodafone's business, providing top notch support, expertise and guidance. In a nutshell, Vodafone has been trailblazing the way to its next stage of digital growth.  Whether you work in communications, brand, finance, human resources or legal, wherever you find yourself you’re never too far from making a difference for Vodafone's customers and employees.

What makes Vodafone's corporate function a great place to work? It challenges the business to move forward, and in return can offer you no shortage of exciting projects designed to encourage growth and success, including opportunities to work internationally.

Fantastic opportunities for experienced talent

Sound like an exciting place to work? Take a look at these current opportunities with Vodafone.

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