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Women returners head to Rio Tinto

Rio Tinto has implemented policies intended to increase the available labour pool and increase employee diversity.

Rio Tinto has a number of complementary programmes to attract more women to work in mining, particularly in non-traditional roles, and also to attract women to return to mining after having children.

Flexible work arrangements

Rio Tinto has a Flexible Work Arrangements Policy. The purpose of the policy is to provide opportunities for current employees to better balance their work and other life commitments, as well as making Rio Tinto a more attractive place to work for those who could not work the traditional mining rosters due to child care or other commitments - most often women.

Flexible work arrangements available under this scheme include: part time, job sharing, phased retirement, working from home and flexible work hours.

The company developed a process by which any employee - male or female - is able to apply to the scheme. Shifts during school hours have been trialled successfully at several operations for different roles.

Many of these schemes have been successful arrangements for employees, and also for the business, saying that this is “a significant step towards better attraction and retention of women to such locations”.

Read about the Women in Non-traditional Roles: Rio Tinto Iron Ore Case Study where Rio Tinto Iron Ore identified four key barriers preventing women from entering and meeting their full potential in the resources industry, and discusses their responsive actions.

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