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Meet the women thriving in their exciting careers at Thales

 January 31, 2018

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Alice-Moreau - Defense / Systems Engineer - Thales UK

"I was hired at Thales as a systems engineer following my internship. Two months before the end of my internship, I made it known to my colleagues that I was keen to stay at Thales. My CV was up- to-date and ready for distribution! I had listed all the types of positions I liked, and approached a colleague who had enjoyed working with me so she could introduce me to the roles I was aiming for."

Lauren-Collins - Corporate / Communications - Thales USA

"Since I joined as an intern, I’ve been working on a project to increase brand awareness in the U.S., both internally and externally. Thales is such a huge and multidimensional company that it can be difficult for the public and even employees to fully understand what we do. To date, I’ve been involved with the internet and intranet management and helping to co-ordinate activity at U.S. trade shows. I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time which is great for my development. I recently attended the APEX conference in California where I promoted Thales’s involvement through social media. It was the first time I saw, firsthand, how my work made a positive impact and it was made even more rewarding because a colleague from France was flown over to teach me the ropes. Multi-tasking, tenacity and quick decision-making were all skills I picked up during his visit! When he left, he provided me with a list of tips and contacts from France that I could get in touch with if I needed help with anything."

"It’s reassuring to know that people here care about my career. Thales has a professional development program that encourages every employee to sit down with their manager and discuss where they want to be in a year, or even five years down the line. Thanks to this support, I’ve started learning French – and that’s just the beginning."

Mona-Teimoori - Aerospace / Pricing Analyst - Thales USA

"I came from a healthcare and real estate background, so transitioning into aerospace has been a hugely interesting learning experience. I’ve had to learn everything from airline and station codes to FAA regulations and the plethora of acronyms that are used daily."

"I’ve felt supported every step of the way though. Thales believes in developing their employees and it feels great to know they’re making this investment. I’ve had lots of opportunities to work with Program and Bid Managers across Finance and Marketing. This has enabled me to develop skills in a various departments and helped me to choose my role as a Bid Manager.

"Working on Service Management Plans has been one of my most exciting projects to date. I was required to read through all of the different Turn-key Maintenance contracts, which outline Thales’s services in detail. Service Management Plans also taught me about the various international stations, the different line maintenance managers at those stations and key milestones in various programs.

"The social side of working at Thales is one of the best parts of my job. In the first three months of my internship, we had an ice cream social where Thales set up tables outside the building, put on music and catered freshly made cookies and a variety of ice creams. Recently my department held an event where the whole Customer Services and Support Department team went out to enjoy pizza and bowling. It’s great to develop relationships with new people; it’s made all the difference to my working day."

Denisa-Niculae - Transport/Project Manager - Thales Romania

"I really enjoy working in a multinational company that creates safety critical applications and still have the freedom to constantly improve my work and the processes."

"I started as a software tester and I loved every part of this job. As a tester, I continuously improved by work, boost my creativity, performed through team. I felt really important as I knew that the safety and security of so many people depends on me.

"Thales is also a great company for developing your carrier and reaching your objectives. I always liked to set high standards and in Thales I feel like I am achieving them all the time. My university profile and the trainings provided by the company lead me to achieve the project management role. I create plans, I estimate the budgets, I discuss with representatives of the customer, I write reports, I lead the team, I simply love my job.

"In Thales the teams are great. I collaborated extraordinary with my colleagues since the first day in the company. We help each other, we collaborate very well also with our foreign colleagues and we always work together to find better solutions for our customers.

"I admit I was a bit afraid to apply to this company, given my economic profile, but now I know it was the best decision I have took and I enjoyed every single day in this company."

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