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McKesson fosters a work culture that respects difference

McKesson fosters a work culture that respects difference

 February 15, 2018

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McKesson is committed to fostering a workplace environment that respects the many ways we are different from one another and supports and acknowledges the diverse world in which we live and work. McKesson employees* are from all races, walks of life and backgrounds, and generate the creativity and vitality that make this company a great place to work.

Diversity and inclusion are integral to McKesson’s culture, and pay equity is fundamental to McKesson’s compensation systems.

McKesson's Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace allows McKesson to reflect and respond to a diverse customer base, keep pace with changing demographics and improve productivity, creativity, quality, teamwork and decision making.

Diversity and inclusion enriches McKesson's employee experience, broadens thinking, helps McKesson compete, innovate, grow and deliver safer, more affordable and efficient healthcare. Its ability to lead in nearly every segment of the healthcare industry is achieved through its diverse workforce.

The diversity of McKesson's workforce in the U.S. reflects that of the country.

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Striving for progress

McKesson U.S. Diversity & Inclusion Report details McKesson’s commitment, journey and progress, with emphasis on the significant accomplishments of the last three years. The report highlights how we further strengthened our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive McKesson. In ever-increasing numbers, leaders from across our organization stepped up to own and drive this work forward, and the results are clear as nearly all our business units achieved their Fiscal 2017 Diversity goals. Recent activities have included:

  • CEO John Hammergren established a Chairman's Diversity Council at the executive level. They are responsible for the enterprise diversity strategy.
  • Business Unit Diversity Champions and a Diversity Advisory Board were named, creating a partnership among line leaders and corporate staff.
  • Training programs for managers and employees offered through the company.
  • Employee Resource Groups were launched with multiple branches across the country.

Janice Little, Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion stated "We are focusing our efforts on integrating Diversity & Inclusion more fully into our HR processes and into other parts of our organization. Thanks to the continued leadership from our businesses, our strong Diversity Blueprint strategy and the increasing engagement of employees across our organization, I am confident we will continue to improve the Diversity of our workforce representation and deepen our culture of Inclusion."

You can learn more about McKesson and it diversity and inclusion initiatives via McKesson's Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

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