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McKesson creates opportunities for employee success

McKesson creates opportunities for employee success

 February 15, 2018

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McKesson's vision for a healthier world begins with patients and extends to its employees. McKesson knows that when its employees are healthy, not only do they enjoy their own lives more but they help create healthier communities, a healthier environment and a healthier company. It’s more than just competitive medical benefits. McKesson believes that a rich culture of health, including preventive health, is the key to fully contributing, healthier employees.

This belief also extends to ensuring McKesson has diverse, inclusive and safe workplaces. From offering comprehensive health assessments and providing incentives for healthy behaviors, to offering continuing education and providing opportunities to build meaningful careers, McKesson promotes mental, physical and social well-being for all of its employees and their families.

McKesson supports continued learning

McKesson seeks opportunities to create excitement among its employees about their careers. It invests heavily in employee growth and development through rewarding job assignments, one-on-one development with managers and opportunities for continued learning.

Last year McKesson hired more than 6,200 employees in the U.S. and Canada. It is noteable that more than half of its employees in the U.S. and Canada have been with the company five years or longer.

Every employee makes an impact

McKesson considers compensation to be a vital tool for communicating performance expectations, improving productivity and rewarding employees for their contributions to the company’s success. Whatever their title or role, each employee is a catalyst in a chain of events that helps improve the healthcare of millions all over the globe. That is why McKesson believes it is important to recognize and reward strong individual and team contributions that help drive innovation and solutions that promote better health for all.

McKessen's Total Rewards package helps to attract, retain and motivate a high-performance workforce, gives employees the opportunity to share in ownership of the company, and remains flexible enough to meet the different needs of our diverse population.

Additionally, McKesson expects senior leaders to be proactive in recruiting and retaining diverse teams. As an incentive, McKesson has tied diversity goals to the compensation of its leaders.

Safety is a key priority for McKesson employees

McKesson places the utmost importance on safety and security for all its employees and customers alike. Employees and management ensure McKessen's work environments are safe and the products it delivers to its customers are secure. Since McKesson is a leading distributor of pharmaceuticals in the U.S., Canada and Europe, product integrity is a priority for McKessen.

Be part of a valued team at McKesson

With fantastic opportunities to grow and inspirational leadership, McKessen is truly a prime employer for women. Take a look at its current vacancies to see where you could thrive.

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