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Tyro is where Innovation starts with people

 February 22, 2018

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If you're looking for a company whose work ethos is centred on having the freedom to innovate and create change, be collaborative, transparent and form dynamic customer relationships, then look no further than Tyro.

Tyro is leading the pack in the ‘nextgen’ banking stakes, providing its clients, who are small to medium enterprises, with integrated cloud-based products and services that provide an automated, streamlined approach to banking. Tyro is one of Australia’s leading “fintechs”, and the only technology company with a full banking license.

Yet who are the people behind the brand? “Tyros” are industry-shapers who are encouraged to pursue new ideas, drive change, and bring personality to the Tyro ecosystem. What’s more, they are always looking for talented women to join their ranks, and their selling points are pretty appealing.

Encouraging employees to think outside the square

Encouraging innovative thinking amongst its staff is at the forefront of the Tyro agenda. For example, CodeBlitz is an in-house event where Tyro’s software engineers develop a working prototype. A number of these ideas have been adopted as real products and features over the years. 

Open plan work culture with a work/life balance

Tyro has an open plan workplace where the executives sit amongst the staff, allowing them to be accessible to anyone in the company. Tyro also works to identify conducive flexible work arrangements, to accommodate for commitments outside of the office. 

Tyros have a voice

To encourage collaboration, Mindshare Meetings are held once a month, open to all Tyros, where departments presents their performance and core projects. 

Promoting the entrepreneurial agenda

Tyro actively supports the next generation of entrepreneurs within its FinTech Hub, where start-ups can hire a desk and start swapping ideas. As part of Tyro’s DNA, it’s not the number of hours that is spent at your desk, but the level of productivity generated by collaborating with your colleagues that counts. And it’s a winning formula. 


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