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Being a woman at Tyro

 February 22, 2018

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As one of Australia’s leading “fintechs”, and the only technology company with a full banking license, Tyro is shaping the industry.

It believes the banking and payments industry is in need of a serious shake-up, so everyday it is challenging the status quo to bring about change.

At the forefront of its agenda is the encouragement of employees to pursue new ideas, drive change, and bring personality to the Tyro ecosystem via a number of programmes and Ideas hubs.

Gender equity is a priority

With a solid commitment to diversity and inclusion, Tyro is working hard to continually address gender equity in the company:

Women in engineering at Tyro

As a current employee in an engineering role at Tyro, Emma Hodgson, Delivery Manager in Experience Delivery, feels that gender makes no difference in her position:

“Specifically what I love about being a female engineer working at Tyro is how irrelevant it feels that I am a female and an engineer, even though I’m working predominantly with men,” she says.

For an exciting and thriving career, Tyro is certainly a company well worth considering.


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