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Oracles people are its biggest asset

Oracle's people are its biggest asset

Oracle, a global provider of enterprise cloud computing, is empowering businesses of all sizes on their journey of digital transformation. With 430,000 customers in 175 countries, Oracle provides leading-edge capabilities in software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, and data as a service.

Our People

Our people are our biggest asset.  Oracle’s innovation and competitive advantage depend on the talents, skills, and backgrounds of our employees. We celebrate diversity within our growing workforce, which spans four generations in more than 85 countries. Oracle’s work environment is supportive, flexible, and inclusive. Our employees have access to great benefits, as well as ample opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Diversity and Inclusion

Oracle recognizes that fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce where all employees contribute to thought leadership drives innovation and engagement.  

“Oracle appreciates that it is important to cultivate an environment that is inclusive of all employees and that respecting differences enriches our organization and contributes to our success. Integrating the diverse perspectives of our employees into every aspect of business is what our business is all about.”—Safra Catz, CEO, Oracle

Within Oracle we have an Oracle Women’s Leadership initiative whose mission is to develop, engage, and empower current and future generations of Oracle women leaders to foster an inclusive and innovative workforce.

Professional Development

Oracle encourages and empowers employees at all levels to engage in professional development. We provide a supportive environment for employees to explore opportunities, develop new skills, and achieve their career aspirations. Our employees have access to extensive training and resources to develop their leadership and technical skills. Oracle University, the world’s leading provider of Oracle product training, offers thousands of courses to employees, and approximately 5,000 Oracle employees attend these classes weekly.

Oracle Corporate Citizenship

At Oracle Corporation no matter where you work, you're part of a global organization that takes its social responsibility seriously. Oracle's corporate citizenship initiatives are grounded in our technology leadership. We are committed to using our resources to increase opportunity, protect the environment, advance education, and enrich community life.

For Oracle, corporate citizenship means being responsible not only to our shareholders, but also to our stakeholders—those affected by and with an interest in our activities—including employees, customers, partners, society, and the environment.

Education:  We help students develop the technical acumen and creative confidence essential to innovation—because breakthroughs are built on the foundational idea that no matter the problem, a solution can be found.

Oracle Academy ¦ Oracle Education Foundation

Sustainability: Oracle is a global leader in sustainability. We continuously invest in initiatives that help us run our business more sustainably and develop products and services that help our customers do the same.

Sustainability at Oracle


  1. Protecting the Natural World: We support non-profit organizations that work to protect our planet and the life it sustains. Oracle's Environmental Grants
  2. Advancing Education:  We help non-profit organizations advance computer science education and ignite students' passion for STEAM - science, technology, engineering, art and maths. Oracle Education grants
  3. Strengthening Communities:    We fund non-profit organizations that provide vital health and human services, aid people in need, and strengthen the infrastructure that supports a healthy society Oracle's community grants


Oracle Volunteers engage in thousands of community projects close to their hearts, from mentoring students from less advantaged communities to donating and distributing food to those in need. Find out more about Oracle Volunteers.


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