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AECOM's Lanmei understands learning is a lifelong process

 March 20, 2018

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Having achieved great career succeess following her studies at Tsinghua University in China and at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York - Lanmei had always sought something more from her career.

"For 20 years I practiced architecture in the United States, tracing on paper the clean, slick building designs I have always loved. But I wanted more," she explains.

Seeking new challenges and greater career satisfaction, Lanmei knew she wouldn't be satisfied doing the same thing forever and so decided to make a change which led to her returning to China and joining AECOM in 2011 as a vice president and design principal.

"It was a rewarding opportunity to discover a whole new world outside the realm of tracing paper," she adds. "With my AECOM teams in China, I can design 20 buildings in a year. I have worked hard to build trust with my team members and my clients. My team works together closely, appreciating each other’s efforts, and clients trust my advice,"

A career with new challenges

Lanmei's decision to move was not only career-based, but one which she considered imperative for her growth as an individual.

"My decision to move was also the right one for me on a personal level. Before, I was practicing architecture and won major awards, but now, I practice business, which takes a broader scope beyond the drawing table. My focus has shifted from a purely artistic pursuit to also creating value for clients," she adds.

Collaborative teams

Working for a business that is so committed to collaboration, Lanmei has learnt that every single employee has a crucial part in achieving sucess.

"In the last few years, I have seen the true value of AECOM as a fully integrated service provider, and how each employee plays an important role. I feel that I am truly a part of this “family."

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