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Cynthia enjoys an exciting career in missions support at AECOM

 March 20, 2018

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When deciding to pursue a degree in computer science, Cynthia, now the Leader of Missions Support at AECOM remembers being very intimidated by the math and science requirements.

"Like any other challenge, though, all you have to do is develop a plan and go for it!" she explains.

"Careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) are extremely rewarding and given a bit of time, commitment and dedication, they can offer a phenomenal experience and a career path that will stand the test of time," she adds.

An early interest in STEM

During a 30-year career working on critical programs for a variety of U.S. military agencies, Cynthia's fascination for computer science has never faded. This is no wonder when learn the type of exciting projects Cynthia has worked on.

"...my assignments have included providing software engineering solutions for ammunition inventory systems on Navy ships, as well as designing and implementing information technology systems for the Air Force and the U.S. intelligence community" she says.

Fantastic career growth  

"Today, as the leader of mission support operations at AECOM, I am responsible for managing multiple manned and unmanned aircraft maintenance and modification programs throughout the United States for the Department of Defense. I also oversee helicopter pilot training at Fort Rucker, Alabama, and various projects for the Missile Defense Agency in Huntsville, Alabama. At Fort Rucker, our role is very critical. We support the Army in their mission to prepare pilots for deployment. My favorite aspect of this project is seeing the new students come into the classroom and watching them progress from very inexperienced to experienced pilots who are able to support our military missions," explains Cynthia.

There are many exciting aspects to Cynthia's role, and she is excited that she is working with teams who are just as passionate as her. 

"As technically interesting as each of these programs is, what I really love is having the opportunity to help the government achieve its mission-readiness goals alongside a group of very engaged colleagues. The members of our team are truly committed to working together to ensure the success of these programs," she enthuses.

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