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Caterpillars Jean has travelled the world in her manufacturing role

Caterpillar's Jean has travelled the world in her manufacturing role

 March 22, 2018

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As team leader for Manufacturing Specifications and Standards, Jean Bridge has had exciting opportunities during her long-term career at Caterpillar.

“My job has taken me many places, and I have met and dealt with great people in many areas of Caterpillar," she explains.

A member of the Caterpillar family for 22 years, Jean provides expert training and process recommendations to many manufacturing facilities and suppliers around the world. This job role has provided Jean with the opportunity for global travel; and her supervisor recently empowered her to get continued training in order to drive innovation within the company. 

A diverse career

As a corporate expert, Jean is not assigned to just one product group, but has responsibility to advise across the enterprise “from components to machine level and from suppliers to dealerships and customer sites,” The diversity in work and products is what Jean says she loves most about her job.

A typical day can range from providing advisement on research projects at the Technical Center to performing ultrasonic inspections using phased array technology to get internal information about our latest structural design concepts.  Jean’s expertise in inspection is critical to “ensure Caterpillar’s practices both satisfy and exceed national and international standards.”

Innovation and critical thinking build what matters

Jean’s skills in critical thinking, innovative ideas and communication make her a valuable asset to a team that builds what matters across the globe. 

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