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Viviane reveals how her finance role helps drive success at Oracle

Viviane reveals how her finance role helps drive success at Oracle

 March 27, 2018

In 2010, Viviane was looking for an awesome new career in the city of Sao Paulo. After looking through plenty of companies she discovered Oracle. A company that has allowed her to be a part of the process in plenty of successful projects and deals. Currently, she’s a part of Oracle's Cloud Sales Operations Finance team. Where she has helped ensure that plenty of clients across Brazil and the world get the tech solutions they need to provide a better service for millions of people.

 “I don’t work directly with clients, I work with our Sales team to make sure they have all of the information they need to give the client a great experience, and a great tech solution,” Viviane explains. Her role is one of empowerment for her and her partners in the Sales department. She searches for the right trainings and the right tools to provide her colleagues, so they fully understand what their clients need, and to deliver a tailor-made solution to them.

A collaborative team

“When you’re in this role, you’re part of the whole sales process. You’re part of the team that ensures our customers are satisfied, even after the deal is finished. We follow up with clients and answer their questions if they have any,” Viviane explains.

By being involved in this process, Viviane has made herself a part of the daily life of plenty of people in Brazil and beyond. For example, she’s enabled deals that have resulted in a cellphone carrier having better coverage and service; she’s helped a mining company to improve its logistics and run more efficiently. Being a part of this process means that Viviane is not only involved in Oracle’s success, but in the success of your last phone call.

Great career development

Oracle is a company that allows you to get better, to improve your skills. It’s a very dynamic company that allows you to be involved in a lot of great projects. I feel strong and empowered and have some great colleagues,” Viviane confides.

You too can be like Viviane and start a career that lets you be part of the process of success. Visit oracle.com/careers and take the first step towards creating the future with Oracle.


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