University of Sheffield seeking women for Security Support roles

University of Sheffield seeking women for Security Support roles

 May 03, 2018

Dorota is a Security Patrol Officer at leading employer for women, The University of Sheffield.

Where Women Work asked Dorota some key questions about her role and why further women could find the University's security career vacancies particularly interesting.

What are some exciting aspects of your role?

Carrying out the role gives us the chance to meet a variety of new people, students, staff and visitors, who I wouldn’t usually be in contact with. Helping students with a wide range of issues and problems give me great satisfaction and a real sense of achievement. My role also allows me the opportunity to visit all areas of the University - both on Campus and at the Student Residences.

What is it like to work at the University?

Working for the University is very enjoyable - the team spirit and bonds that are created make every minute worthwhile. The possibilities to develop different skills and the chance to progress is second to none.

How does the University support you in your role?

As part of my role and working for the University changes often occur. However training courses are always available to make our skills are at the highest standards they can be. Mental health and first aid incidents are always at the forefront so training on these issues is a priority. Management always positively encourage further training and will support you with any problems you may have.

How might you challenge misconceptions about women working in this area?

The team has a very positive outlook when it comes to women joining the team. Neither men or women are discriminated against and both have the same opportunities when it comes to career progression and pay.

University of Sheffield security jobs

Lucy Brooke is Deputy Security Operations Manager within the University of Sheffield's Security Services. When Lucy joined the team a number of years ago, she started as a Security Support Officer, so understands the role first-hand.

Where Women Work discussed with Lucy her perceptions about working in Security, the teams she gets to work with, and the work she enjoys.

Why did you choose a role in security yourself?

When I first joined the security team I was looking for a complete change in career. I had always worked in customer service and enjoyed working with people and feeling like I could help. I hoped joining the security team would be varied and interesting, and would allow me to make a difference every day.

Were you surprised by what the role of a Security Support Officer entailed?

My perception of security had always been that of a security guard, protecting a premise or static in a building or doorway, at the University it couldn’t be any different. The role is all about being an ambassador, getting out and about and helping people. Rather than discipline and conflict, the focus was on talking to people, supporting them, and offering great customer service. The team are like a family and they couldn’t have made me feel any more welcome.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Every day is different in this role as there is such a wide range and variety of work. There is a broad spectrum of people as it is a truly international community, and you encounter different people each day. The role can be fast paced and challenging at times, which means we gain a great deal of satisfaction in the work that we do. The University operates in a fast changing environment, which keeps things exciting.

What is especially interesting about working at the University?

The flexibility of the working arrangements at the University have been invaluable to me. They are so supportive and needing to work flexibility has not hindered my development in any way. They take each person’s personal circumstance into account and work with them to ensure a work life balance can be achieved. I take great pride in being part of the University, and would encourage anyone looking at starting a career here to do so.

How supported are you by the University in your security role?

The University have been amazing at developing and supporting me through my career in Security Services. The University empowers us to be the best we can by arming us with the skills and resources we need to perform our role to a high standard. The University really values us and we are recognised and acknowledge for our high standards. The University looks at us as individuals and can be flexible and supportive of personal circumstances.

What would you say to further women considering a career in security?

The team is diverse, covering a wide array of age profiles and backgrounds. We are all treated equally and the work is not gender specific or reliant on size or strength. A majority of the role is focused on welfare and support alongside customer service. The development opportunities within the University have been excellent, and the service is highly respected and well thought of across the University community. We aren’t your typical security team, we have skills and attributes that you would not expect a security officer to have that enable us to be the best that we possibly can.

Apply for a Security Support Officer job at the University

The University of Sheffield is seeking to a number of Security Support Officers within their Campus Services Team that is dedicated to ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming environment for students, staff and visitors. All are part-time roles of around 21 hours per week, with flexible shift patterns. They will provide you with a comprehensive induction and training programme. 

You'll need good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to demonstrate confidentiality, discretion and sensitivity at all times. You'll also need to be customer-focused and share the University’s core values of openness and inclusiveness - taking pride in our international University community. An ability to use careful judgment to decide how to deal with and resolve a wide variety of incidents and situations will also be key.


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