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Join the global Rio Tinto Talent Network

Join the global Rio Tinto Talent Network

 May 14, 2018

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Join the Rio Tinto Talent Network - where they'll connect you with the latest information regarding their exciting career opportunities.

If you're looking for adventure, genuinely interesting work and fantastic career opportunities, then Rio Tinto could be for you. They're a global leader in the mining and metals sector with around 55,000 people operating across six continents in more than 40 countries. Rio Tinto is a very forward-looking international company with lots of exciting career pathways and opportunities available. And you can keep in touch and find out a lot more by signing up to their Talent Network today.

Rio Tinto's goal is to challenge their employees and help them build a rich and rewarding career. This international, progressive company offers an exceptional work environment where people are valued and respected for their individual differences. Rio Tinto offers some great career options and incredible support to match.

Challenging and exciting work

Rio Tinto offers its people: 

  • a safe working environment
  • a diverse work environment
  • a focus on innovation and technology
  • a brilliant culture of collaboration and teamwork

Opportunities for learning and growth

Rio Tinto provides exceptional development support: 

  • a structured career development programme
  • leadership training, as well as ongoing learning at all levels
  • prospects for mobility across the country, region or their global organisation

Competitive and equitable rewards and recognition

Rio Tinto recognises and rewards its employees in significant ways:

  • competitive base pay that is reviewed annually taking into account individual performance and business and economic factors
  • comprehensive wealth accumulation programs and benefits
  • motivating incentive plans that recognise the difference you make

The salary package and remuneration benefits at Rio Tinto include retirement contribution, medical aid, disability and personal accident cover. The company aims to continually benchmark with other leading companies and conduct market salary surveys in their industry to ensure that they remain competitive in how they reward their employees. This extends to introducing leading performance strategies and conditions of employment.

Employee Assistance Programme

Rio Tinto offers an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to all employees and their dependants who may require support or counselling. The EAP allows all employees to access qualified counselling through designated external and independent providers. Any service provided is entirely confidential and participation is voluntary.

Rio Tinto's commitment to equality and diversity

As a global organisation, Rio Tinto understands the value of fostering a diverse workforce. They look at best practices around the world to ensure that their reward systems are transparent and equitable. When hiring or promoting, rio Tinto is not influenced by a person’s gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, politics, religion or physical abilities. They are a very progressive and inclusive employer - so why now research the wide range of career vacancies on offer with Rio Tinto and see where you might fit.

Sign up to hear more via Rio Tinto's Talent network

So think about joining the Rio Tinto Talent Network and find your next career move in one of Rio Tinto's global teams.


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