Women returners are supported back into work by progressive employer Eaton

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Eaton supports women returners following careers breaks

Eaton supports women returners following careers breaks

Diverse perspectives and backgrounds power Eaton's performance - and the women returning from career breaks are essential to the mix of talent at this progressive employer.

Eaton values the different talents people bring

Eaton embraces the different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds that make each person unique. Eaton - as individuals and as a company - is stronger. Eaton believes this outlook helps them attract, retain and engage top talent around the world.

"We aspire to be a model of inclusion and diversity in our industry - a place where everyone matters, a place where everyone belongs,"explains Craig Arnold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Eaton.

Eaton has a number of inclusion resource groups.

These Inclusion resource groups foster awareness and respect in Eaton's workplace. Their Inclusion Eaton Resource Groups (iERGs) bring together employees who share a common purpose, interest or background. Employees are encouraged to participate in iERGs to make connections while discovering diverse perspectives.

Eaton offers great support and benefits

Eato offers excellent benefits like paid time off with vacation, sick days and holiday observance. They also offer impressive flexible work options to help balance work/life demands (at participating Eaton sites). 

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