Women returners are supported at E.ON

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E.ON actively supports women returners

More women in power - that's something E.ON is striving for From flexible working hours and strong support networks through to diverse career paths and benefits that extend to the whole family, E.ON has all sorts of initiatives in place that are helping to shift the balance of power.

E.ON is one of the UK's leading power and gas companies - generating electricity, and retailing power and gas. The company's strategic aim is to deliver cleaner and better energy by offering innovative energy services and technologies tailored to meet our customers' needs, and help people across the UK become energy fit.

Because the people at E.ON understand that by creating an environment where different opinions, ideas and perspectives are welcomed and shared, it's a great environment to come up with new innovations that will transform energy, and the industry itself.

E.ON is a great place where women work - and the women speak openly about their work life balance and  experiences of working for E.ON

"I think E.ON's a great employer for women. It allows you to request flexible working. and it also really encourages women to 0:15progress their careers. I know that we're trying to increase the number of women at senior levels in the business and I'm confident that E.ON will achieve this in the future," says Performance & Programme Manager, Fern.

E.ON is quite a wide scoping business, so there are lots of opportunities to move around and work in different areas.

Section Manager, Rhian, says"Having worked for E.ON previously I knew what a great employer it was. For me, the work-life balance at E.ON is fantastic. It was part of my reason for coming back, because I knew it was great for people like me who are full-time working mums."

One of the best things about working at E.ON is the support employees receive, so no matter what life outside of E.ON throws at them, E.ON is always there to support people, either through their colleagues, line manager, or the HR support that is always readily available.

Why not explore the wide range of exciting careers available at E.ON?

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