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Amazon women in operations engineer great outcomes

Amazon women in operations engineer great outcomes

 June 18, 2018

Amazon innovates for customers, and so continues to recruit talented women in oprtatins and engineering who seek to apply their skills.

Amazon provides fantastic opportunities for women to develop fulfilling careers, and the company attracts furthet people who want to create and grow a career in the industry through Amazon's engineering apprenticeship schemes.

Find out what it's like to work in an Amazon operations role Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers sit at the very heart of the customer experience, delivering smiles to millions of customers from around the world. Find out what it’s like to work in an operational role for Amazon and how inspiring women are building incredible careers every day.

Maria works in an Operations job at Amazon

Meet people-person Maria Belen Abad Pena

Operations Manager, Belén, learnt to lead a big team of associates and manage forecasts, expansion plans and leading initiatives to improve operations. .

Why does Maria Belen love coming to work each day?

Belen gets to create staffing plans, measure and evaluate departmental goals and work processes using metrics. And, she establishes corrective plans to ensure her department meets its outputs. 

One of her key responsibilities is to allocate daily labour and daily production, seeking to reach specific goals and monitor hourly progress towards objectives. Her role combines the challenge of using analytical skills - such as planning the weekly and daily strategy for the department to reach the production goal — and maintaining the highest standards with the amazing experience of leading a group of young area managers to work together to fulfil objectives.

What inspires Maria Belen about Amazon?

Amazon is a great place to work for people who want to discover the best professional version of themselves. In Operations there is just no limit to learning. It’s a fast-paced environment where you can lead large teams and make substantial impact decisions. 

“Each day is a new challenge and you need to overcome every obstacle along the way.”

What does Maria Belen believe?

“Don’t be hard on yourself at the beginning of a job. It’s not easy to start with such a dynamic and fast-paced environment,” advises Maria Belén. “Be constant in your work and try to learn as much as possible. There is no such thing as aiming too high, the limit is where you want it to be. Enjoy the experience of working with so many people. At Amazon, you’ll be part of the most amazing stories. Work hard and enjoy every minute of it.”

Amazon jobs in operations for women

Every day is as exciting as Day One for Nora Aznar Sedano

“Be as open-minded as you can,” suggests Nora. “Listen to all members of your team, you can learn tons of things from them. Work hard, have fun, and you'll make history!”

Where did Nora start her career with Amazon?

Nora joined Amazon as a Graduate Area Manager in Madrid before progressing to Amazon’s European STAR programme to help recruit area managers for new Fulfillment Centers launches across Southern Europe. Then, returning to operations as an acting Operations Manager, she was part of a new Fulfillment Center launch in Barcelona before being promoted to an Operations Manager role.

So what does Nora do as an Operations Manager?

Nora leads and supervises a team of five area managers and an overall shift within Outbound Operations. She manages strategic planning and forecasting, appraises performance, rewards and disciplines employees, resolves problems and addresses staffing needs.

What’s brilliant about her career so far?

Having such a high level of responsibility at a very young age has inspired Nora. She loved the opportunity to develop her team and help them improve and grow within the company. Everyday Nora faces new challenges and learns different things, “We never get bored as every day is different”. 

Nora thrives on the opportunity to improve customer experience through implementing changes. She adores working with diverse, young, international teams. She relishes growth opportunities and is a big believer in continuous learning. Offering excellent service to customers, while having fun at her job, is what it’s all about for Nora.

Amazon recruitment - jobs

Jasna says her Amazon journey is fast, dynamic and ambitious  

Jasna has learnt a great deal about the inbound and outbound operations at Amazon’s Fulfillment Centre in Dortmund, Germany. Since joining Amazon, her career has progressed to a leadership role where she’s responsible for five area managers. 

What’s Jasna’s fabulous role at Amazon? 

Jasna works as an Inbound Operations Manager, responsible for flow management, which means she’s in charge of the movement of goods through the value stream without backflow, stoppages, or waste. Jasna is also responsible for five Area Managers, including their development. Apart from the people-management, there’s a big bucket of KPIs Jasna needs to hit.

Why did Jasna choose operations management as a career path? 

In her current role, Jasna is responsible for four departments, which allows her lots of freedom and variety. She finds her job to be a perfect balance of people management and process management. 

“I’m working like an ‘interface’ between different operational and support departments. Working with different people with different backgrounds allows me to learn new things on different levels every day.”

Why does Jasna love Amazon? 

There’s always something exciting and innovative happening at Amazon. “You can always try new things and learn something new every day,” comments Jasna. “If you do a good job, it will get rewarded.” Jasna explains how the most important part of her Amazon experience is the constant change, progression and striving for excellence.  

Do you always have opportunities for growth?

Jasna’s favourite career tip is, “If you want a ‘normal’ job, Amazon is not the right employer for you. If you want to learn something new, take responsibility and get challenged a lot, then Amazon is the right decision.”

Amazon delivery - fulfillment centers

Troubleshooter, Katarzyna, tackles complex problems head on 

As a senior operations manager for Amazon Wroclaw in Poland, Katarzyna Aniol-Wielgus is no stranger to identifying opportunities and risks, and driving complex solutions to conclusion, to keep Amazon customers satisfied. 

What’s Katarzyna cool role at Amazon?

Katarzyna manages an operations and area management team, and is accountable for setting and achieving operational goals, strategic planning, analysis and forecasting. She ensures process improvements are happening to enhance productivity and provide Amazon’s customers with the first-class experience that they’ve come to expect from one of the most customer-centric enterprises in the world today.  

Why did Katarzyna choose a career with Amazon?

Katarzyna is tackling complex problems that affect customers. She works with other teams to resolve issues with innovative and industry-leading solutions. Katarzyna explains how she has a genuine opportunity to shape her ideas and expertise to affect change across the Amazon network.

“Amazon’s focal point is the customer obsession,” explains Katarzyna. “Amazon would not compromise accuracy and quality over income. If we say something, it means we truly believe in it and we live it.

Katarzyna’s motivational career tip 

“Do not be afraid to ask questions. Do not assume you should know things - if you don't, then ask. Be hungry to learn.”

Amazon Philanthropy women

Meet socially-conscious Naomi 

Midlands Site Manager, Naomi Gale, set up a charity at the age of 19, to support street children in Kenya. Perhaps her socially-conscious nature meant that she was destined to work for Amazon. Or, maybe it is because she loves the company’s attitude of 'can do' and 'just do' and she has an ability to influence change. 

What amazing things has Naomi learnt so far? 

Naomi joined Amazon with only eight months of transport knowledge. Since then, she has experienced a huge learning curve in her career. She’s learned to design, build and manage the Amazon Logistics transport network (no small feat!), which has included setting-up a team from scratch. 

What’s next for Naomi? 

Naomi’s current role is to manage the day-to-day operation of the Midlands UK-based SNG1 sort building, which includes varied and challenging tasks, such as team management, processing volume, improving facilities, enhancing processes and visual tools, managing safety incidents, and maintaining relationships with other key stakeholders. In particular, Naomi loves the constant challenge and innovation at Amazon. She has the opportunity to grow her career and her team, and to help the company to enhance its operations with long-term impact on future direction.  

Why does Naomi love Amazon? 

As the company is constantly pushing the boundaries of the possible, Naomi believes that “if things don't break, we are not pushing limits. This keeps things interesting and revolutionary, and for me is one of the main drivers behind the company’s success.”

Naomi’s motivational career tip 

When deciding on which career path to take, Naomi suggests, “Just follow the doors that open whilst doing something you enjoy, and you’ll end up at the right destination.” 

Join high achievers and big thinkers at Amazon

Fulfillment and operations teams at Amazon put customer service at the very heart of their mission. From the smallest task to the largest project, every Amazonian plays a crucial role in delivering smiles to millions of Amazon customers from around the world. For those with a pioneering spirit, Amazon is the right place to do your best work.

Amazon is recruiting. Search and apply for your next career move with one of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world. 


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