Women in Engineering Day is celebrated at Amazon each year

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Amazon celebrated International Women in Engineering Day

Amazon celebrated International Women in Engineering Day

 June 18, 2018

As one of the most customer-centric companies in the world, working with Amazon means a wealth of career opportunity for those keen to forge a rewarding career and join a team of inspiring colleagues. At Amazon, they recognize that the jobs of tomorrow require a stronger aptitude for science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). That’s why they're supporting STEM education programs to better prepare students for future in-demand jobs. Amazon was also a 2018 Sponsor of International Women in Engineering Day (INWED).

Also - demonstrating their commitment to the STEM agenda - each year during UK British Science Week, Amazon supports a secondary school close to each of their fulfilment centres and corporate offices with a £1,000 donation. This donation is for equipment or experiences to help spark an interest in STEM with pupils and encourage them to consider a STEM-based field in their future career. At a number of their fulfilment centres they also provide tours, showcasing their technology and providing young people with the opportunity to meet and learn from the engineers, IT specialists and apprentices who manage Amazon's buildings. Also, Amazon has worked with social enterprise MyKindofFuture since 2016 inviting students from local schools to experience Amazon whilst also taking part in STEM workshops in order to develop their skills and aspirations for future study and careers. Support for STEM programmes and in particular those focused on girls, is also a key aspect of the Amazon in the Community programme where, through regular monthly donations from their fulfilment centres, they frequently support schools and STEM clubs to deliver their initiatives. Amazon's support for STEM programmes creates greater accessibility and exposure for young people to STEM education. Technology and innovation fuel Amazon's business and they're proud to help prepare the next generation of inventors

And, as Amazon continues to innovate for customers, they continue to recruit talented women engineers who seek to apply their skills. Amazon provides fantastic opportunities for these women engineers to develop fulfilling careers, and the company attracts further people who want to create and grow a career in the industry through Amazon's engineering apprenticeship schemes.

Find out what it's like to work in an Amazon operations role

Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers sit at the very heart of the customer experience, delivering smiles to millions of customers from around the world. Find out what it’s like to work in an operational role for Amazon and how inspiring women are building incredible careers every day.

Rachel Cooke works at Amazon

Rachel’s career is life-changing and horizon-expanding

Rachel Cooke has lived in five different countries and holds a master’s degree in engineering and Ph.D. in both philosophy and chemical engineering. She brings huge international and intellectual gravitas to her role as regional engineering manager for Amazon in its EU headquarters in Luxembourg. 

What does Rachel do at Amazon?

Rachel leads the European Operations Engineering Services for Amazon, which means she manages teams that provide support for Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers. Rachel focusses on capital planning and she creates capital approval requests to secure funding for growth. She also designs capital projects across the EU. 

Additionally, Rachel leads technical vendor management, keeping a close eye on Amazon’s material handling equipment vendors. And as part of her all-encompassing senior role, Rachel heads up commissioning planning while developing the processes and standards that are required to ensure new equipment operates reliably.

Why did Rachel choose to work for Amazon? 

Rachel feels that Amazon is one of the defining companies of this era, offering unrivalled career opportunities. “The people I work with are fantastic, as are the variety of challenges, the possibility to keep learning and growing professionally - as well as the opportunity to work hard, have fun and make history is why I continue to build my career with Amazon.”

What awesome things has Rachel learned during her career with Amazon?

“I’ve learnt that the company will do what is right for the customer, no matter how hard it might seem to achieve.”

Operation careers at Amazon

Sahar found her niche in management

Sahar Khan’s career motto is to “research and spend time understanding the things you love to do”. It has served her well starting out her career in operational management with Amazon. 
So how did Sahar get started?

During her degree in management, Sahar loved the core management modules such as Organizational Behavior and Operations Management. It was at university that she discovered a passion for people management, so her role as a Graduate Area Manager in Amazon’s Fulfillment Center in Tilbury matches her career ambitions perfectly.

What does Sahar love about her job?

Sahar practices management principles and theories every day in her career with Amazon, and she’s driven by problem-solving and the fast-paced, ever-changing environment.  “For me, as a fresh grad, having the level of responsibility that this role brings is the best thing. Being able to come out of university and manage a team of 70-80 associates is awesome. I’m learning so much about people management every day.”

Jo Day - Loss Prevention - Amazon

No two days are the same for Loss Prevention Manager, Jo

Jo Day prides herself on continually meeting exacting standards. Since joining Amazon, Jo has gained valuable insight into the way that Amazon functions and she’s learned how the role of a functional head operates within a Fulfillment Center environment.

What does Jo love about her job? 

“In my current role I have responsibility for seven Fulfillment Centers and the Loss Prevention teams who work in them,” explains Jo. “Supporting and developing my teams is an important part of my role. I am also Subject Matter Expert for training & development within the UK LP function.” 

When asked why she chose a career in loss prevention, Jo says, “No two days are ever the same. My days are constantly busy supporting the Fulfillment Centers with strategic ways of working to ensure a secure environment where our associates feel safe.”

What’s Jo’s favourite career tip?

“Don't be afraid to speak up and try something new,” says Jo. “Amazon loves Bias for Action and the possibility that you could make a big difference. Also, don't panic when you hit the wall; we all hit the wall and every time it becomes easier to navigate over it.”

Federica Amazon Operation jobs

Meet Amazon’s energetic Federica Basile

At Amazon, Federica has learnt to manage a large team. She knows how to use data to back-up her assumptions, and she knows how to set-up a department from start to finish. Impressive stuff!

So what does Federica Basile do at Amazon?

Federica runs Amazon’s Inventory Control and Quality Assurance department that consists of three managers and around 110 associates. The department maintains and audits quality standards, and it’s Frederica’s job to make sure that there are long-term quality strategies. Federica also reports on all the quality metrics for her site and works with other departments to develop and execute action plans that improve the quality of key performance indicators (KPIs).

And why does Federica love her job at Amazon?

Federica loves being exposed to high-level planning and having the chance to empower a group of highly motivated managers. She loves that Amazon is a company that takes risks and values results over tenure. Frederica says that being an Amazonian means “joining a family that will challenge you to become your best possible self”.

What’s Federica’s best career tip?

Federica tells us to “always look for every opportunity to improve and challenge yourself”. Never say something is good enough, never say it’s not your job. And always remember to have fun.

Amazon women in operation jobs and careers

Meet Amazon big thinker, Nevena Dzunic

Nevena loves getting things done with a big smile.

What’s Nevena’s brilliant job at Amazon?

Nevena has a fabulous role that involves analysing the performance of trucks for local carriers in Italy. She gets to deep-dive on the root causes of delays and figures out their impact on deliveries. She monitors the different type of inflows of units in the warehouse and manages the distribution of employee work. 

How does Nevena’s work impact the company?

Amazon’s transportation teams and warehouse teams have a direct impact on one of the company's core businesses, so Nevena, therefore, gets to deliver smiles by securing safe and on-time package delivery. Everything that Nevena does is to improve customers' experience - so this means she is responsible for customer happiness - and that’s a very visible output for all her input.

What tip does Nevena give to people? 

“Think big, dream big, be objective. Never stop hunting for your dreams. Make sure you know yourself and your capabilities. Be different, make a difference. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or information, however, do try to find it out on your own first. Listen to others. Be super curious. And remember, a smile is the best accessory.”

Join high achievers and big thinkers at Amazon

Fulfillment and operations teams at Amazon put customer service at the very heart of their mission. From the smallest task to the largest project, every Amazonian plays a crucial role in delivering smiles to millions of Amazon customers from around the world. For those with a pioneering spirit, Amazon is the right place to do your best work.

Amazon is recruiting. Search and apply for your next career move with one of the largest and most recognisable brands in the world. 


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