McDonalds Chief People Officer writes insightful opinion piece

McDonald's Chief People Officer writes insightful opinion piece

 July 09, 2018

Talented women from McDonald's are being featured in the media for their views. A popular topic is the importance of team work and training for today's workplaces.

Valuable advice for employers 

Melissa Kersey, Chief People Officer for McDonald’s USA, and one of McDonald's most senior women, wrote an opinion piece for ABC News providing valuable insights to employers on how to tackle an aging population, automation, and an ongoing soft skills gap, in the rapidly changing world of work.

"Did you know the difference between career success and career stagnation can come down to just a few job skills?" asks Melissa. 

Highlighting that core soft skills such as teamwork, customer service and responsibility are a priority, Melissa states that research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center has concluded that 85 per cent of job success comes from having well-developed soft and people skills and only 15 per cent of job success is derived from technical skills and knowledge.

Skills from a first job can be cornerstones for career success

"Experts will tell you the skills you learn in your first job are the cornerstones of your career success. In today’s world, people switch jobs and careers with much greater frequency. Research projects a person may now have as many as 16 jobs over the course of one’s career. You will leave many jobs, but you will always take your skills with you," explains Melissa.

She encourages employers to take action in closing the soft skills gap by thinking beyond on-the-job training, putting employees in customer-facing settings so they learn how to provide exceptional customer service, hiring individuals who will make an impact in the communities in which they work, and adapting practices so employees are getting what they need.

Read Melissa's column "Four ways to narrow the 'soft skills' gap in the US" in full here.

Join the many impressive women at McDonald's

Women are encouraged to thrive and grow in their careers with McDonald's. With an impressive iconic brand and many global career opportunities around the world, McDonald's can be a very positive career step. Search and apply for great jobs today - and join talented women like Melissa, Rebecca and Kacey.


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