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Amazons Ingrid Ebner provides inspiring career insights

Amazon's Ingrid Ebner provides inspiring career insights

 July 11, 2018

Amazon's inspirational Director of Supply Chain CEU, Ingrid Ebner has had an impressive career. Joining Amazon 18 years ago, following a previous career with a brewery, Ingrid secured her place as an Amazonian with a speculative email that quickly saw her join the Amazon family in Germany. "I started as an individual contributor, and kept growing and passed through Project Management, S&OP, Supply Chain Execution (core and Prime Now) and Analytics. Now I am responsible for Supply Chain in Continental Europe: 1.5 billion units outbound per year!" comments Ingrid.

From the very beginning of her Supply Chain career, Ingrid had found her passion. "I wanted to learn more and more while going the extra mile continuously," she says. "Building a network over the years and coming with new ideas helped."

Building networks with other women provides great support

From the start of her professional life, Ingrid has felt a little lonely being surrounded by mostly male colleagues. "However, I had the opportunity to build a network with other women, which provided good emotional support and useful exchange of experiences," she says. "When I'm sitting at the table with men, I also remind myself that we are equal, and that helps."

Using previous experience for new opportunities

Learning from past experiences is crucial for personal development and growth. Before joining Amazon, Ingrid was running a supply chain, accounting and HR in a brewery. Deciding to do something different and joining Amazon was a key moment in Ingrid's career. "Afterward, at a certain point, I got really absorbed by work," says Ingrid. "The feedback I received from my family was crucial and great learning for the future."

An exciting new life for Ingrid in Luxembourg

Now living in Luxembourg, the European head office for Amazon, Ingrid explains how she's actually moved to the country twice. The first time was between 2006 and 2010, and then again in the last few years. "The first time my family moved here with me. This second time was a concession with my husband: he stayed in Munich while my son studies in Vienna. We meet at the weekends and the time I spend with my family is 100% focused on doing things together like traveling. On the other hand, I built a network in Luxembourg which has helped me transition to settle down quickly and stay active." As for work-life balance, Ingrid says that it's important to leave the laptop in the office and not to open it on weekends. "I love after-works, socializing, having a cocktail with friends, going to concerts in Philharmonie or Rockhall, cinema, etc. Sports are not my thing! During the weekends when I am with my family, I am fully focused on them. We keep it flexible in terms of location and activities."

Doing exciting things after-work is critical to disconnect for Ingrid. "My husband is a great support also. He stopped working early in my career after an accident and we switched roles. He loves it now! He challenges me constantly and helps me disconnect from work."

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Forging a supportive network of women at Amazon

Ingrid believes that although Amazon is a diverse place, diversity and inclusion starts with leadership. "I recommend building groups and networks, not only professional ones. For instance, I organize a monthly an event outside of the office for women within EU Operations. Women located in Luxembourg or visiting us from other locations are welcome. We meet for dinner or lunch and we are a constantly growing group. This is not about talking business but to meet each other and to build a supportive network within Amazon in Luxembourg. Picking a woman mentor if you are one, is great to discuss openly topics that we have in common. As a mentor, I also picked diverse mentees (50%-50%). For external events we can give exposure more often to the diverse leaders Amazon has so we attract more diverse talent."

Get your own career on track and join Amazon

From the smallest task to the largest project, every Amazonian plays a crucial role in delivering smiles to millions of Amazon customers from around the world. For those with a pioneering spirit, Amazon is the right place to do your best work.

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