Nottingham Trent Universitys Kirsty leads nutrition and health

Nottingham Trent University's Kirsty leads nutrition and health

 July 18, 2018

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Kirsty has a fabulous job - in an area that she is truly passionate about: Health and Nutrition.

"We've designed a degree addressing nutrition and health in collaboration with health professionals who have told us the skills knowledge and attributes that they require from our graduates," explains Kirsty.

Through this particular couse of study that Kirsty leads, students are able to compete successfully in the job market.

"Students study nutrition and healthy eating, exercise science and physical activity, psychology and communication skills, and public health, and health promotion," details Kirsty.

Kirsty enjoys developing student's' real-world experience

"It's not just about giving scientific presentations and writing scientific reports to be an effective communicator. In the real world, students also need to be able to, for example, pitch for funding. Students need to be able to interpret both verbal and nonverbal signals being given. For example, if working with a client or working in a meeting, students may find themselves doing Fitness testing in laboratories - or designing and then carrying out cooking eat sessions for children," suggests Kirsty. "But whatever education the University gives, it means that our students have real-world experiences to put on their CV which makes them more employable," says Kirsty.

In addition, there are lots of opportunities to meet with health professionals and external collaborators - both by them coming to University to teach, but also going and working with them in the community.

Kirsty knows transferable skills are key

"The aim of this degree," comments Kirsty, "is for us to train students so that they can empower people to live happy healthy lives. Another key part of our program is the emphasis that we place on translating theory into practice so the combination of scientific knowledge, attributes and transferable skills that students develop will make them highly-placed for careers in both the private and public sectors.

Students say that the best thing about this course is the variety of topics, support from the staff and the practical element.

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