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McKesson supports annual drive for SHARE Food Bank

McKesson supports annual drive for SHARE Food Bank

 September 04, 2018

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Together with their customers and partners, McKesson is a company that works really hard to create a sustainable future for health care and chart a course to better health. Every day of the year, the company works to deliver better health - for patients, employees, customers, communities and the planet. Helping to create a healthier world is at the heart of everything McKesson does, so the company's volunteer and corporate giving programs are critical.

McKesson provides a range of important opportunities that encourage and support employee community involvement to improve the health of communities. And McKesson's programs are inclusive. They enable participation from their employees at hundreds of McKesson sites as well as those who work from home - from distribution center workers and call center employees to sales representatives and executives.

Tremendous community support from McKesson

There are many impressive examples of how McKesson actively supports communities. And one such example is McKesson's annual food drive that saw the company recently collect three giant boxes of food for the SHARE Food Bank.

SHARE is a non-profit, independent, community based organization providing leadership and programmes in response to the social needs of residents within its local community of British Columbia, Canada. SHARE believes that food and shelter and necessities for living, and should be attainable to all people. Their vision is a strong community that welcomes everyone to live, participate, contribute, and reach their full potential. The SHARE Food Bank distributes 5,000 pounds of food to a minimum of 375 families every week, 37 percent of which are children. The Food Bank provides bi-weekly food and emergency hampers for individuals and families in need, regardless of source of income.

SHARE's Food Bank does not receive government funding, so it relies on generous support and charitable donations from local companies such as McKesson. Last year, $47,000 was raised for the SHARE Food Bank through third-party events like McKesson's food drive.

"Thank you for the wonderful work you do and for the opportunity to partner with you," said McKesson about SHARE's involvement in community outreach work. 

"Thank you McKesson for your continued support of our community and for all of the hard work and generosity. A great group of people doing amazing work for the community," responded SHARE.

Last year, McKesson contributed $2.6 million in cash and merchandise to support a wide variety of charitable organizations in the U.S. and Canada.

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