Sandy at Amazon shares her career tips such as putting customers first and learning from others

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VP Sandy Carter shares lessons learned working at Amazon

VP Sandy Carter shares lessons learned working at Amazon

 September 24, 2018

Sandy Carter, Vice President at Amazon Web Services, has shared an article on six lessons she has learned after working a year at Amazon

"I love working at Amazon Web Services because I am on a continuous learning path. Learning is a core part of my role at [Amazon Web Services], but it is also about sharing those lessons," says Sandy.

Customers first

Sandy cites prioritising customers as the first lesson learned at Amazon. "This lesson is still the most important in my journey at AWS," says Sandy. To underline her point, Sandy describes an anecdote where Amazon went above and beyond to listen to and act upon a customer's feedback on an online forum. "Great products and services come from deeply understanding your customer," adds Sandy.

Learn from others

Just as Sandy hopes others can learn from her experiences in her article, so has Sandy learned from her colleagues at Amazon. "We read, discuss, and debate. We revise and make the idea better with each iteration. We push ourselves to invent on behalf of the customer," comments Sandy.

It’s usually the second, or third idea

Sandy uses another anecdote to illustrate her third lesson learned at Amazon, about a talented graphic novelist who goes through multiple drafts before the final piece. This example is easily applicable to Sandy's experiences at Amazon. "You fall in love with an idea, you give it everything. And then you realize you were wrong, and you have to be ready to pick yourself up and fall in love with the next idea," says Sandy.

It’s OK to fail

An important lesson for everyone, Sandy shows how even successful companies like Amazon need to learn from their own mistakes. Failing, and then learning, is a big part of innovation for Sandy.

AWS democratizes technology

From general company culture to what Sandy has learned about Amazon in particular, another revelation after a year working for the company is that Amazon's technology massively impacts its customers. In terms of Amazon's innovative technology, Sandy mentions Amazon SageMaker and launch templates for Amazon EC2. "Things that AWS has created [...] are just too cool!" enthuses Sandy.

Make history

The final, and possibly the most important, lesson Sandy has learned about Amazon is the enduring legacy of Amazon and its customers - thanks to its employees, projects and partnerships. "The Amazon mantra is work hard, have fun, and make history," says Sandy.

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