84.51°’s work life culture is a thriving environment for women returning from a career break

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84.51° welcomes women returning from career breaks

84.51° welcomes women returning from career breaks

Are you an experienced professional who has taken a career break and is now ready to return to work?

Returning to work after a career break can certainly be quite a daunting prospect. Sometimes the world seems to have moved on. Or maybe your confidence is lacking and you're no longer quite certain about the strength of your own skills and experience anymore.

Or maybe you're just not sure what job and which company is going to be right for you - or even how you might manage balancing work commitments with family responsibilities.

Maybe, you've lost touch with your networks and your former colleagues.

A fresh new start

At 84.51° there are many women who successfully manage a thriving career while balancing their outside commitments.

Women at 84.51° who are parents clearly understand that they're bringing a lot to the table - and that their skills and expertise firmly help drive the company.

Explore the latest career vacancies at 84.51° and see what's on offer for you

Search and apply for the roles that you believe best match your experience, and the friendly recruiting teams at 84.51 will review your application and consider your skill match with their current career opportunities. 

All great journeys begin with just one step!

So check out their amazing work place, then get applying!


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