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84.51° senior women challenge the status quo and drive results

84.51° senior women challenge the status quo and drive results

84.51° is proud of its senior women leaders who challenge the status quo by analyzing, innovating and driving results.

It's thanks to 84.51°'s supportive, inclusive and diverse culture that these women have thrived and succeeded in their ambitious career goals. 

Meet four women occupying senior positions at 84.51°.

Cara Pratt, Vice President of Customer Communications, Product Strategy & Innovation at at 84.51°

Cara Pratt Vice President

Cara Pratt is Vice President of Customer Communications, Product Strategy & Innovation at at 84.51°. In her role, Cara ensures Kroger and CPG companies have a robust, high-impact product mix to execute brand activation plans.

Progressive Grocer GenNext Award winner

Cara was named a Progressive Grocer 2018 GenNext Award winner, recognized as an emerging grocery leader under the age of 40 who demonstrates a commitment to a career in either the grocery or consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry.

Cara was honoured for her innovation through her career; her leadership, which includes inspiring and leading others, and a commitment to learn from others; an involvement in and support of the industry; and supporting charities or the community.

Providing the best possible shopping experience

She is a trailblazer in the quest for providing customers and CPGs the tools needed to deliver the best possible shopping experience. She led the rollout of Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), which harnesses best-in-class data and analytics from 84.51° that transforms customer data into personalized communication and experiences with CPG brands. Under her leadership, the early results of KPM outrank any and all previous industry standards both on and off Kroger digital properties.

Understanding 84.51°'s culture of innovation

She also understands the importance of a culture of innovation so that new ideas have room to grow in an organisation like 84.51°.

"It really starts with two things: one, accountability and enabling people feel to feel accountable for driving innovation for the organisation, but also giving them the freedom to do so," she explains.

"The three values that we live by at 84.51° are limitless minds, fearless hearts and relentless delivery. Those are the core of who we are because we want people to have the ability to innovate, potentially fail, but fail fast and learn from it. We don't want failure to be perceived as a bad thing, as long as people are learning from it and sharing with others and then moving onto the next." 

Terron Wilson, Talent Manager, Diversity & Inclusion at 84.51°

Women executives at 84.51

Terron is a Talent Manager, Diversity and Inclusion at 84.51°. Prior to this she was a Partnership Manager in the company's Customer Communications Team where she worked with a variety of consumer-packaged-goods companies to help build their customer communications strategies in order to meet business objectives and reward Kroger shoppers.

Driving a diverse candidate pipeline

In her role, Terron makes sure 84.51° is driving a diverse candidate pipeline in its university and experienced hire recruiting. She helps 84.51° establish relationships with historically black colleges and universities and broaden the company's recruiting efforts at existing university partners.

“Terron has been on our 84.51° Inclusion Council from its start and has demonstrated great leadership and passion for Diversity & Inclusion,” says Beth Giglio, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at 84.51°. 

Terron Wilson 8451

Executing 84.51°’s Diversity & Inclusion strategy

Terron is leading the execution of 84.51°’s three-year Diversity & Inclusion strategy which focuses on driving outcomes such as removing algorithmic bias and ensuring the company’s leadership is fostering and cultivating an inclusive culture.

Supporting 84.51°’s Power Squad

Terron also helped launch Power Squad, an 84.51° initiative that offers leadership development. The program is the product of a partnership between 84.51° and Women Excel (WE), the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber's suite of events and programs for women in business.

Power Squad

Power Squad is based on WE Succeed, the Cincinnati Chamber’s three-month executive coaching experience. Power Squad focuses on a group of diverse women, particularly women of color, within the same company who are high achievers and are women 84.51° wants to retain. The Squad is a personal board of advisors who provide strategies and support for each participant.

Find out more about Terron's thoughts on how 84.51° is taking responsibility for driving an inclusive workplace - from challenging bias, engaging the leadership team, collaborating with colleagues, establishing structures and a roadmap, through to monitoring action and accountability. 

Beth Giglio, Senior Vice President of HR at 84.51°

Beth Giglio, Senior Vice President HR

Beth is Senior Vice President of HR at  at 84.51°. She leads all aspects of Human Resources for newly established company and is responsible for leading team to co-develop with business partners and associates appropriate talent strategies across entire employee life cycle including talent acquisition, talent development, talent performance, total rewards, analytics, total rewards and HR operations to enable delivery of business results.

Women in Tech subcommittee 

Beth is involved in 84.51°'s Women in Tech subcommittee that works to help close the gender gap in data science.

"As a company providing insights from data derived from the entire gamut of Kroger customers, diversity and inclusion in our company culture is more than just the right thing to do, it is critical to ensuring we garner the right insights from our customer data," she explains.

"It’s no secret that women are not equally represented in the field of data science. However, instead of accepting that at 84.51°, we wanted to better understand why that is and what we could do to combat this trend," Beths adds."

"We researched the topic, hosted panel discussions and focus groups and identified the challenges faced by women in the field of technology, and the Women in Tech subcommittee, part of our Women’s EDGE Associate Resource Group, was formed."

Jillian Payne, Director of Data Science at 84.51°

Jillian Payne data science

Jillian started as intern at ,84.51° where her desire to learn how to code and customize data to derive insights made her a prime candidate for 84.51°’s graduate development program. Today, as Director of Data Science, she’s in charge of the program and works to foster a community of continued learning.

An award-winning women leader

Jillian has worked in the data science and analytics industry for many years and has also spent a lot of that time overseeing talent acquisition and development.

She's the winner of the Women of Influence Award from Lead Cincinnati. The award honors women who have demonstrated leadership, professional achievement and continuous contribution to the workplace and/or community. Award nominees are specifically evaluated on personal leadership, impact on a company/organization culture and successes championing change.    

Jillian Payne award winner

Become a senior leader like Cara, Terron, Beth and Jillian at 84.51°

84.51°'s supportive culture helps women thrive and achieve success as respected leaders in their field.

If you want to reach senior levels within your career, discover 84.51°'s current job vacancies today.


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