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Eaton attends event for talented women in tech

Eaton attends event for talented women in tech

 November 22, 2018

Eaton attended the fabulous WomenHack event in Dublin for an opportunity to network with women working in technology as the company builds relationships to recruit the very best female talent for their new Centre for Intelligent Power. 

For Eaton, the event provided the company with an opportunity to showcase its support and commitment to diversity hiring; to build strong, diverse and high-quality teams; to network with handpicked female technical talents; and, most importantly, to hire women who are amazing at their jobs.

"I like collaborating with colleagues who are highly skilled, experienced professionals in a dynamic, multi-cultural working environment. And there’s no better place to work than Dublin - a city with a vibrant heritage and rich culture," says Madeleine, Eaton's Lead Analyst in Dublin.

Seeking female talent in tech 

WomenHack is an organisation that wants to bring equality, diversity and inclusiveness into the tech industry in the belief that more diverse talent strengthens teams and creates companies that are capable of outperforming. WomenHack's latest event targets some of the most talented women in tech in Dublin and includes diversity talks, interviews and plenty of engaging interaction between all attendees. 

Eaton's Centre for Intelligence Power

The outcomes of the WomenHack event aligned with the aims of Eaton's Centre for Intelligence Power (CIP) - located in one of the most friendly cities in the world in a historic, vibrant neighbourhood. The CIP is Eaton's latest addition to its Dublin and Innovation Operations works to expand Eaton's digital platforms and capabilities.

The CIP focuses on 3 main areas:

  • Intelligent Machines: gateways, switches, controllers, inspection systems, sensors, actuators with on-board autonomic collaborative capabilities
  • Cyber Physical Systems: combine physical machines and business processes in a responsive connected manner
  • Data Science @ Eaton: create, share and apply data science across the Eaton ecosystem

Creating an ethical, diverse and inclusive culture

Eaton's team in Dublin is building on Eaton’s existing ethical, diverse, and inclusive culture. With 50% diversity on Eaton's Board of Directors and more than 4,000 Eaton leaders attending Inclusion & Diversity training courses, Eaton is firmly committed to setting guidance, targets and activities that foster greater inclusion and diversity everywhere it does business. The CIP itself is a great example of Eaton's commitment to workplace diversity. As things stand today, Eaton currently has just under 40% of female hires and 42% of our hires are non-Irish nationals. 

"Diversity takes many forms; we embrace the uniqueness of each individual and the power of many perspectives to drive innovation. We’re proud to have strong governance for inclusion and diversity," comments Eaton.

Leading the way for innovation

In the age of big data and IoT, digital connectivity exists across the manufacturing floor, electric grid, buildings, healthcare facilities, transportation and at home. Eaton is innovating Intelligent Power solutions that collect data, learn and provide actionable insights to optimize power use and continuity. 

Eaton's people have the exciting challenge to work on R&D matters such as Machine Learning, Network Architecture, Cyber Physics and they will be instrumental in keeping Eaton at the top of the technology developments by bringing its products and services to the IoT and Big Data era. 

There has never been a more exciting time to join Eaton and get involved in the company's innovative work on technology of today and tomorrow.

Join talented women at Eaton

At Eaton, your opportunity to be a part of the future is now. Explore some of Eaton's exciting career opportunities in Dublin and make a difference in the world of technology.

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