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Arcadis women work on projects making our cities smarter

Arcadis women work on projects making our cities smarter

 November 27, 2018

Change is coming - and it's all thanks to talented Arcadians working on projects that make our cities smart and sustainable. Arcadis' latest breakthrough is its radical transformation of urban mobility through Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV).

"The emerging Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAV) revolution opens a new frontier of disruption in transport, infrastructure and urban living," explains Arcadis.

In fact, make sure you listen to a brilliant podcast featuring Natalie Sauber,  Senior Market Intelligence Lead at Arcadis on how urban autonomous driving will change our cities forever.

Meeting the needs of the people

For Arcadis, a city is defined by the people who live, work and play within it, as show in its Citizen Centric Cities report. The same goes for Arcadis's attitude towards CAV: Arcadis sees CAV as a major opportunity to enhance mobility and transform city transportation, providing it meets the aims and interests of the city's citizens and visitors. If not used correctly, CAV can worsen congestion or threaten public transport networks.

For Arcadis, the increase use of CAV is inevitable - what's important is that behaviours are shaped so, when the inevitable happens, people will respond positively to a change that will greatly enhance their lives.

Arcadis' aptly named 'Citizens in Motion' report collects findings about the mobility needs in 14 cities around the world and how, if at all, CAV can meet these needs. Arcadis' report aims to ensure that cities are on the front-foot of CAV development. These cities include Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Dubai and Melbourne.

Three key lenses

Arcadis's report looks at factors that may - or may not - support the development of CAV-based solutions to help each city achieve its mobility objectives through three key lenses:

  • Citizen Connection: The user experience of CAV.
  • Governance Platforms: The role of national, regional and local governments.
  • Enabling Infrastructure: Establishing infrastructure that can effectively support CAV

CAV is just one of the exciting areas that Arcadis is involved in - and they are looking for talented people to work with them in this innovative and exciting area.

Do you want to drive the future of smart cities?

Arcadians are working on projects every day that challenge the status quo of cityscapes and work towards a bright future for citizens around the globe.

If you want to drive change in cities and make a positive impact in your work, search and apply for a career with Arcadis today. 


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