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Meet Mollie, an Apprentice Cost Consultant at Arcadis

Meet Mollie, an Apprentice Cost Consultant at Arcadis

 February 21, 2019

Mollie Wilson is an Apprentice Cost Consultant in the Arcadis Highways Team at Birmingham Cornerblock.

Below, she shares some insights with Where Women Work about her journey with Arcadis and why she is thriving at a company with a supportive and diverse workplace culture.

Why did you choose the apprentice route?

I decided to go down the higher apprenticeship route after realising the importance of experience when applying for jobs, particularly in Quantity Surveying. The opportunity to study part time towards a paid degree, whilst also earning, led me to choose an apprenticeship as oppose to going down the traditional university route.

Doing it this way means I work four days a week, with one day off dedicated to completing my degree. Although it means I’ve missed out on the university experience, the knowledge I’ll gain over the five years means that when I have completed the degree, I’ll be more qualified and of a higher level than someone who has studied full time. For me the opportunity to learn, earn and save money whilst studying for a degree as well as learn from professionals in the field is invaluable.

What did you do previously?

I was previously at sixth form studying Geography, Law and Psychology at A-Level whilst working weekends at Waitrose as a Supermarket Assistant.

What is the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

The highlight of my apprenticeship so far has been supporting Senior Cost Consultants within the Highways Team on Lower Thames Crossing, a £6b scheme. Construction will see two tunnels being built beneath the River Thames with interconnecting link roads to the M25, A13, and A2. Being given exposure to the largest single road investment project in the UK since the M25 has definitely been my favourite part of working with Arcadis so far.

What projects are you currently involved in?

I am currently working as a Cost Estimator pricing up a proposed scheme for our client Highways England. The 56km expressway will secure the future of three of the most successful and productive cities in the country Oxford, Cambridge and Milton Keynes, taking up to 40 minutes off the journey between the A34 south of Oxford and the M1. The economic output in the region is likely to be around £163 billion higher than in 2014 meaning the area’s proposed economy will be equivalent to the size of Scotland’s.

What’s the culture in Arcadis like?

One of the business values is people first. Arcadis aims to create a safe and respectful working environment where its people can grow, perform, and succeed, something which it’s already accomplished. Regardless of whether you’re an Apprentice, Graduate, Senior Consultant or a Director, you are all a valued asset within your team, all being pushed to achieve objectives whilst being rewarded for hard work.

What is the one bit of advice you would give to someone considering an apprenticeship?

Although some projects may seem overwhelming, expose yourself to as many as possible even if they’re in a different sector or out of your comfort zone. Doing this will give you the opportunity to find out where your strengths and weakness lie, but more importantly help you find out what you enjoy!

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