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NSW DFSI is undergoing an exciting digital transformation

NSW DFSI is undergoing an exciting digital transformation

NSW DFSI is truly embracing digital technology. The government department is creating partnerships with industry to help maintain NSW's status at the leading Australian government for digital readiness. The first of these partnerships is with Microsoft Australia, where the DFSI has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the tech company.

What this means for women is that working at DFSI presents a very exciting career opportunity if you're keen to work on innovative, cutting-edge projects. And it also means that now is a great time to apply for jobs with NSW DFSI.

Boosting digital transformation

The signing of the MOU took place at the opening of Microsoft’s new Microsoft Technology Centre (MTC) in Sydney. The agreement starts a process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas aimed at boosting digital transformation across NSW Government. This collaboration creates a positive impact for citizens and businesses as well as operational efficiencies for NSW.  The NSW DFSI will firstly focus on improving its cyber capabilities, modernising its technology platforms by migrating to as-a-service offerings and cloud services, and building its own capabilities in important areas. One of the most exciting aspects of the partnership is the creation of a digital-savvy workforce.

“Building digital skills is one of our biggest challenges. If we can create a pool of digital practitioners, policy makers, data analysts, designers and leaders across government we can speed up initiatives that have a real customer impact,” says Greg Wells, Chief Information and Digital Officer for NSW. “That’s the target – it’s a real practical impact this can make.”

Having the support of Microsoft’s experts also allows NSW DFSI to quickly build this experienced pool, with whom it can massively boost the Government’s digital journey.

Encouraging women to join DFSI's innovation journey

Women are well placed to join DFSI and participate in this transformational agenda - and a wide range of technical skills and experience are needed and valued. 

The Microsoft partnership is part of a greater aim to deliver the NSW Digital Government Strategy, encourage innovation and use the potential of digital and emerging technologies to improve how government and citizens interact and provide better outcomes for the state. These partnerships can deliver the required technical solutions and give knowledge and experience to build the NSW's own digital skills. These partnerships also better the NSW Government’s connection with industry.

“Having the invaluable support of Microsoft’s experts will greatly accelerate the Government’s digital journey,” says DFSI Secretary Martin Hoffman. “This includes greater collaboration on building a data-centric approach to good government, important cyber, platform and capability development initiatives. NSW is already benefiting from the impact of digital transformation in terms of streamlined services and access for residents and businesses. This Memorandum of Understanding will allow us to bring Department Heads to the MTC where they can see what more can be achieved with digital services, improved efficiencies and good value solutions. We expect there will be significant positive impact for citizens and businesses as well as operational efficiencies for Government.”

Be part of the digital revolution

With this exciting new partnership, there is no better time for women interested in technology to be part of this exciting digital transformation.

NSW DFSI offers a wide selection of career paths and is constantly looking for women who share their values and who are as diverse as the community they serve.

Find out more about their current job vacancies now.


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