Vodafone Senior Manager Jade Knight was involved in initiating the UK’s first call using 5G spectrum across a live network

Vodafone employees work on exciting national projects

Vodafone employees work on exciting national projects

Jade Knight is a Senior Manager for Vodafone's Networks team. Her team are responsible for giving the best network for Vodafone customers. That involves creating new sites in important locations and upgrading Vodafone's existing sites with the newest technologies so customers always get the best network experience.

Jade discusses her career at Vodafone and some exciting projects she has worked on with the company.

Passionate about the Vodafone brand

Jade began her career in telecoms at Vodafone and has worked at the company ever since. She was initially a customer services adviser after deciding University wasn’t for her. She has always had a passion for technology, and knew this was the right career journey for her. 

"I’m hugely passionate about the Vodafone brand and I love working for a company that has given me so many opportunities to succeed," says Jade.

Making a real difference to people's lives

The most fulfilling part of Jade's job has been working with such a great team of people. The next is the knowledge that what she has delivered is making a positive impact to customers’ experience and opinion of Vodafone.

"We have been driving lots of exciting network improvement programmes over the past twelve months and our performance and user experience indicators show us that our customers are seeing and feeling the benefits. It’s really rewarding to know that I have directly contributed to that," explains Jade.

Working on exciting projects

A major project that Jade has worked on is the UK’s first call using 5G spectrum across a live network, which connects Manchester and Vodafone's Newbury HQ. 

Jade explains that this project was a huge achievement for Vodafone, and it was great to be involved in it. Vodafone deployed an Active Antenna (Massive MIMO, a key building block for 5G) on its cell site in Newbury and a second Antenna at its offices in Manchester. The company successfully held a call using its recently acquired 3.5MHz spectrum.

Vodafone has some exciting projects in the near future. The company is continuing to upgrade its 4G network with the latest technologies so customers get the best experience. Because its customers are using more data, there is a big focus on carrier aggregation – bringing together different bands of spectrum, or radio frequencies used to transmit mobile signals – to greatly improve network capacity and speed. Vodafone are deploying more new sites in key locations where customers work and travel, and of course 5G is coming.

"This is the start of some really exciting things to come, so watch this space!" adds Jade

Overcoming workplace challenges 

Of course, in every job comes a set of challenges - but for Jade, that's all part of the fun.

"In the deployment area we face a lot of challenges that most people wouldn’t necessarily think about," says Jade. "Accessing new site locations where we need coverage can be tricky, as is upgrading existing sites. We work closely with local authorities and landlords to unblock these issues, but sometimes it takes longer than we would like."

There's also the external challenge of the British weather.

"We had a particularly rough winter which slowed down a lot of our network build programmes. Our engineers will sometimes be rained off of sites where they need to climb, to replace antennas, for example," explains Jade. "These challenges are all part of the fun of network deployment, it would be boring if it was easy!"

Valuable career advice for the next generation

Jade shares some tips and advice for young people who want to pursue a career in the tech sector.

"The most important thing is not always the qualifications you have, I would say it’s more about your attitude and work ethic and ability to adapt to change. Technology is the future and it’s evolving at such a rapid rate, that’s what makes it so exciting," says Jade.

"I would say that if you are open to embracing change and love a challenge, then a career in technology could be for you."

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