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84.51° helps women balance work and family life

84.51° helps women balance work and family life

 March 11, 2019

Meehee is an Analyst at 84.51° and works as part of a team that represents the voice of the customer to Kroger’s senior leadership. She also provides recommendations to improve customer experiences while shopping at Kroger. She was born and grew up in South Korea and relocated to the United States to study maths and statistics at college. She lives in downtown Cincinnati with her husband, Mark, her son, Miles, and her cat, Cole.

Meehee shares her day-to-day life at 84.51° from the minute she wakes up to when she leaves work at the end of the day.

5:00 AM: Spending quality time with her son

Meehee's 8-month-old son wakes her up every morning around 5 o’clock. She feeds him the moment he wakes up, and then they listen to music together or play with his toys. Miles also enjoys chasing Cole around the loft.

"Spending time with my son in the morning is very important to me since I am at work during the day and do not get to see him until I come home from work," says Meehee.

7:00 AM: Enjoying breakfast together

Breakfast is Meehee's family’s favorite meal.

"It is rare for all three of us to have dinner together since my husband is a professional cello player, and he is usually at rehearsal or in concert in the evening. We love to start the day with a big breakfast and espresso," explains Meehee.

Her family enjoy cooking at home or getting breakfast at Cheapside or Taste of Belgium. Depending on the weather, they often go for a short morning walk around Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine (OTR) after breakfast during the week. On weeekends, Meehee takes Miles for a long morning walk to Smale Park near the riverfront.

9:00 AM: Arriving at the office

Meehee usually arrives at 84.51° between 8:30am and 9am after a 10-minute walk. This short commute means she can spend every minute possible with her son before she goes to work. At the beginning of the day, Meehee checks her emails and her meeting schedule, and creates a to-do list.

9:30 AM: Sharing projects with the team

Meehee's team gets together for 30 minutes to share projects with one another every other Friday. Her team has expanded so it’s difficult to keep up to date with who is working on what, which is why they organise these meetings. During the meetings, Meehee and her team share current projects that analysts, the primary research team, and consultants are working on.

For example, analysts in Chicago presented the project they are working on.

"We have two analysts in our Chicago office and one consultant in Alabama, so the video conference rooms at the 84.51° office allow us to stay connected," explains Meehee. "It is nice to have face-to-face conversation regardless of where people are located thanks to WebEx."

11:30 AM: A monthly team lunch

Every month, Meehee and her team have lunch together. That day they decided to walk to Nada, a contemporary Mexican restaurant in downtown.

"Choosing a lunch spot is always a tough decision since there are so many great restaurants in downtown and OTR," says Meehee. "The weather was very nice, so we decided to take advantage of the pleasant weather and have lunch on the patio!"

2:00 PM: Taking advantage of the great office space

84.51° employees get to enjoy open office space. Meehee loves not having cubicles, but she does like some peace and quiet and privacy when she needs to focus and quality check her codes.

"There are plenty of privacy booths all over the building, but I decided to take this individual pod so I can have some privacy AND enjoy the natural sunlight at the same time," says Meehee.

3:00 PM: Sharing Kroger's performance 

Meehee goes to a Q&A session at the Command Center. In the Command Center, her team shares Kroger’s periodical/quarterly performance.

"My team triple and quadruple (the more the better!) checks this period’s results that are about to be delivered. Our team’s process is mostly automated." explains Meehee.

"Though we have quality checked each other’s process so many times, analysts still spot check each other’s results during the process to make sure that there are no strange trends in the data. Then, our entire team quality checks, again, what is about to be delivered."

4:30 PM: Being a working mum 

After work, Meehee meets up with her mom and Miles at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC).

"Miles seemed to enjoy the exhibition," says Meehee.

The family also went to the park before they went home, where Miles loved the swing and the water fountain. Finally, they ate dinner at Pleasantry, one of Meehee's favorite restaurants in downtown/OTR.

"Being a working mom is very challenging," adds Meehee. "I am so glad to be part of 84.51° where I get to work from home if needed and still be able to connect with my coworkers via email, messenger, and WebEx."

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