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Eaton recognized for building a greener world

Eaton recognized for building a greener world

 March 25, 2019

Eaton is featured in FTSE Russell's FTSE4Good Index Series for its commitment to strong environmental, social and governance practices. FTSE Russell is a leading global provider of benchmarks, analytics, and data solutions with multi-asset capabilities.

"Every day, we at Eaton work tirelessly to develop energy-efficient products, to drive sustainable growth by efficiently using and conserving our natural resources, and to protect the health and safety of our employees and communities," says Craig Arnold, Chairman and CEO at Eaton.

Leaving the world a little greener

Eaton believes that it owes it to future generations to leave the world a little “greener". Which is why Eaton's aim is to improve the quality of life and the environment through the use of power management technologies and services. These include:

  • eMobility systems that help original equipment manufacturers incorporate hybrid and electric vehicles into their transportation options
  • Microgrid technology that helps deliver clean, reliable and resilient power
  • Home automation that lets home owners make smart energy decisions
  • Energy storage that optimises renewable energy sources and helps meet sustainability targets
  • Intelligent power systems that collect data, learn and provide actionable insights to optimise power use and continuity
  • Lightweighting parts and components made of advanced materials to reduce fuel usage

Energy efficient and sustainable operations

Eaton is working to positively impact the environment while helping to solve pressing climate issues. For example, its operations focus on energy efficiency, renewable energy and water-reducing processes. More than 120 of Eaton's facilities send zero waste to landfill. Eaton has also set a target for its greenhouse gas emissions and is testing state-of-the art manufacturing techniques, such as 3D printing and discrete simulations, to maximise productivity while lessening its environmental impact.

Transparency is key to success

Eaton takes several measures to give stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the company's economic, environmental and social practices and commitments. Eaton believes that being a transparent company gives better value to its customers, shareholders and employees.

Eaton understands that its sustainability performance is as important as its financial performance for many of its stakeholders. It therefore reports annually on both its financial as well as sustainability performance outcomes.

An engaged and motivated workforce

Eaton knows that to carry out its sustainability aims, it needs the help of its employees. Eaton provides meaningful and engaging work for employees, and makes sure that its culture helps them thrive. Eaton also creates a motivated, inclusive and diverse workforce and supports and trains its employees for changes in the coming years.

“Global manufacturing has a huge environmental and social footprint. I'm passionate about harnessing the enormous opportunity of the industry as a whole to move toward sustainable development. Manufacturers' capabilities to use advanced technology and drive toward a shared purpose can create a healthier, more just and sustainable world," says Claire Castleman, Sustainability Analyst at Eaton.

Join a company committed to sustainability

Learn more about Eaton's culture, what they value and how they reward their employees. Or join the Eaton Talent Network to stay connected and be considered for future career opportunities.


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