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84.51° is a finalist in the Innovation and Technology Awards

84.51° is a finalist in the Innovation and Technology Awards

 April 01, 2019

84.51° is a finalist for The Cincinnati Business Courier's ninth annual Innovation and Technology Awards. Women, what a great time to pursue a career with such an innovative company!

Celebrating innovative companies

The Innovation and Technology Awards celebrate companies like 84.51° that are transforming how people use technology while offering innovative products and services in Greater Cincinnati.

Recognized for green innovation

84.51° has been recognized for its 'Green Innovation'. This category highlights innovation and how new ideas can be developed into fuel for the Tri-State’s economic engine.

This recognition aligns with 84.51°'s search for innovative knowledge and understanding using data and analytic science. This forward-thinking company is always challenging conventions, and it's thanks to 84.51°'s employee's limitless minds and the company's diverse workforce.

"We analyze. We challenge. We are innovators. We push the limits because we believe that life begins at the edge of your comfort zone," says 84.51°. "We challenge the status quo, and we strive to learn and do more. We value every opinion, and contrary thinking is our way of life."

Join impressive women working for an innovative company

84.51° is always on the look out for naturally curious people to make them even better. They're always after people who are a few steps ahead and want to collaborate and stimulate their brains. Search and apply for one of the exciting jobs at 84.51° today.


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