Elizabeth Batchelor, Amazon Operations Apprentice, has seized the range of opportunities and refreshing challenges offered by Amazon's apprenticeship scheme

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Amazon apprenticeships offer new and refreshing challenges

Amazon apprenticeships offer new and refreshing challenges

 April 16, 2019

If you want to accelerate your career, Amazon has some fantastic paid apprenticeship programmes in Operations, Engineering and IT that are designed to offer young people valuable professional experience and key skills to progress in their careers whilst earning money. The programmes include on-the-job training, mentorship and structured classroom learning. At the end of the Amazon apprenticeship, apprentices are qualified for permanent positions within Amazon and able to embark on an exciting new professional journey.

Below, one woman shares how she has thrived both personally and professionally thanks to an Amazon apprenticeship.

A scheme for those open to new opportunities 

Elizabeth Batchelor, 26, is an Amazon Operations Apprentice in Manchester.

“After college I worked in the hospitality business for four years, and I was ready for a change. When I discovered Amazon’s apprenticeship scheme I was attracted by the fact that it looked very structured, so even if I didn’t have any previous experience in the field I would be able to learn," explains Elizabeth.

"The apprenticeship itself is an in-depth induction to the whole of Amazon operations. It is quite immense. At every step, a mentor helps you learn everything you need to know. Some days you are off work, so you can focus on theory and study for your qualifications, whereas in the fulfilment centre they show you the hands-on side of things. It is all interlinked. The technology behind it all is amazing: the fulfilment centre in Manchester is a robotics site, so, for instance, you don’t go to the shelves. Literally, the shelves come to you!" she says.

"The best thing about the scheme is the range of opportunities it opens up. What we are learning today will enable us to be the next wave of managers. In our second year, for instance, we will keep developing our leadership, management and communication skills," Elizabeth adds.

"I would definitely recommend the scheme to anyone who is open to new opportunities, has a ‘go grab it’ attitude and an open mind. It’s funny, when I was working in hospitality I was a senior employee. I had all the answers. Whereas now I am on the other side. I am the one with all the questions. It is a challenge, but a refreshing one.”

Grow your career as an Amazon apprentice

At Amazon, everyone is empowered to share new ideas and to contribute their own unique talents and abilities to the company. Search and apply for an amazing career with Amazon today.


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