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Kerrie Law debates societys big questions on EBRD podcast

Kerrie Law debates society's big questions on EBRD podcast

 April 25, 2019

Kerrie Law works in Associate Corporate Strategy at EBRD and is the co-host of Pocket Dilemmas. Pocket Dilemmas is an EBRD podcast dedicated to finding the big answers to the really big questions of our modern world, such as the power of algorithms, the future of work and rise of cryptocurrencies.

Tackling challenges from Brexit to AI

Kerrie, her co-host Jonathan Charles, and their guests have discussed a range of topics including the origins of the Brexit dilemma, its impact on the EBRD regions, and what people outside of the EU think of Brexit. The podcast was recorded in front of a live audience at EBRD's headquarters at the heart of the City of London.  

Kerrie and Jonathan also hosted a debate on whether algorithms should rule the world, or whether they do already and we have never noticed. She invited guests Jonnie Penn, Google Technology Policy fellow, and Dawn Duhaney, Partnerships Manager at UK Wellcome Trust, to tackle difficult questions - will algorithms do a better job than humans? And what are the ethical implications in using algorithms for policy makers?

Another fascinating topic led by Kerrie and Jonathan focused on the future of work and how technology, automation and AI can change jobs. They invited guests Jason Furman from Harvard Kennedy School and the EBRD's Chief Economist Sergei Guriev to bring their expertise to the debate.

You can listen to Kerrie hosting this fantastic podcast here

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