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Executive women like Tan Siok Peng thrive at Exyte

Executive women like Tan Siok Peng thrive at Exyte

Exyte executives reaffirm the company's focus on inclusiveness in the way people interact and work together. 

Sponsoring and supporting employees at Exyte is a key value that the company's executives share. They believe that diversity of ideas and skills leads to clear business benefits and success. They focus on providing equal opportunities to their people, and enabling them to realize their potential.

Exyte has many impressive women executives helping to deliver the company's promise on diversity and inclusion. One senior woman is Tan Siok Peng, Senior Vice President of Finance for Exyte Asia-Pacific.

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Tan Siok Peng, Senior Vice President of Finance, Exyte Asia-Pacific

"We have a mini United Nations here - people from diverse cultures, countries working together. It is this diversity of thoughts and ideas that makes our work environment enjoyable. I encourage all my team members to openly experiment and learn from our successes as well as our failures. Irrespective of who you are and where you come from, the mantra for success stays the same: be laser focused - know when to deep dive and when to let go - and work with clear integrity," says Tan Siok.

"I have never allowed myself to get constrained by the fact that women across organizations are in a minority at leadership levels. Instead, I strongly believe that regardless of man or woman, one should focus on what the role and job entails. It is important to self-reflect about what needs to be done to get the job done right. There is a reason why males and females are different. Embrace your femininity and leverage your intrinsic strengths," she adds. 

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"Be proud of the value you add at work - for your teams and at home - for your family. Be true to yourself, and quit worrying about the glass ceiling that may or may not exist. Always be good at what you do and take it upon yourself to encourage people around you. I have been fortunate to reach where I am today, and would like to mentor others."

Tan also has great advice for other women

"Be true to yourself, stand firm and don’t pretend to be what you are not," she says.

"It is inevitable that we encounter up’s and down’s; ultimately we must be able to pull ourselves up and keep running. Instead of spending time looking at the glass ceiling that may or may not be there, focus the time on getting the job done well. Lastly, we should take personal responsibility to encourage and share the same philosophy with the people around us, and be able to influence them positively."

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Excel in a leadership role at Exyte

Exyte is always looking for experienced, talented and motivated women to join its team of senior leaders.

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