Capgemini report highlights diversity and inclusion efforts

Capgemini report highlights diversity and inclusion efforts

 May 28, 2019

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Capgemini UK has released its Architects of the Positive Futures Report, which highlights Capgemini’s commitment to creating a truly diverse and inclusive organisation where women feel valued, included and empowered.

A responsible company making a positive impact

Capgemini’s report outlines the steps the company is taking to become a leading responsible company that uses its expertise to make a positive impact on society, the environment and its own workforce.

As our world accelerates into a new digital era, which brings both disruption and opportunity for organisations across the world, Capgemini’s steadfast commitment to responsible and sustainable business becomes even more vital.

As a global leader in consulting, technology services and digital transformation, Capgemini is committed to making sure the social, environmental and economic benefits of the digital revolution are experienced by everyone.

Capgemini’s report highlights a number of the key initiatives it has undertaken across its impact areas: promoting digital inclusion, advancing environmental sustainability and nurturing diversity.

 Some of the key highlights of the report include the following Capgemini UK's efforts:

  • Opened a new Coding Academy helping refugees develop digital skills for employment
  • Launched the award-winning ‘Think | Ask | Act’ inclusion campaign inspiring Capgemini's people to move beyond awareness and take action
  • Achieved Capgemini UK's target of reducing office energy consumption by 40% (since 2014) through investing in energy efficiency measures
  • Supported over 50 schools and over 5,600 pupils through Education Outreach programmes
  • Recognised as a Top 50 employer for Social Mobility Index
  • Purchased 93% of Capgemini's office electricity from renewable sources

Capgemini Active Inclusion report

A commitment to Active Inclusion

A particular area of focus for Capgemini is its commitment to Active Inclusion. Capgemini constantly strives to build an inclusive workplace by attracting and retaining a diverse workforce to enable Capgemini and its employees to thrive.

Capgemini supports talented people from underrepresented groups to deliver great diversity of thought, innovation and business performance. The company also fosters a culture where everyone who works for or with Capgemini feels welcome and respected regardless of race, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, disability or background.

Capgemini also offers opportunities that inspire the next generation and cultivate true diversity in its future workforce.

Programmes and initiatives to support women

Capgemini has made specific efforts to create a more gender-equal workforce through pioneering programmes and initiatives that help women thrive.

The company has established the Return@Capgemini programme for talented professionals returning to work after an extended career break. It is the first of its kind in the technology sector and seeks to provide meaningful experience through a paid six-month placement, access to a community of fellow returners, access to coaching, and professional development.

This is a great support particularly for women who have left work to support a family, which is strengthened by Capgemini’s Work Life Harmony policy that improves opportunities for flexible working.

Sara Matthewman is one woman who has benefited from Capgemini’s Return@Capgemini programme. After a 13-year career break, Capgemini supported Sara’s transition back into work with a six-month paid internship, after which Sara accepted a permanent position as a software engineer. She won ‘Outstanding Returner of the Year’ at the Women in IT Excellence Awards.

“Most important for me I’ve learnt that I can go back to work and my family won’t fall apart,” said Sara. “Returning with a different life experience brings a new outlook and perspective that I think enables me to enjoy work more and perform better.”

Capgemini also signed the Tech Talent Charter, which brings together organisations to drive diversity and address gender imbalance in technology roles.

In addition, the company co-sponsored and took part in She Can Be, an event hosted in partnership with the Lord Mayor’s Appeal and Girl Guiding. It brought together 25 organisations in London and 130 young female students to help inspire future talent and change the future for the next generation of girls and young women in business.

For its impressive work towards gender equality, Capgemini has earned a place on the Times Top 50 employers for women list.

Join a company that values diversity

Capgemini is deeply committed to creating an environment and opportunities that will help women to nurture their passions and to love what they do. If you demonstrate a love or passion for what you do, apply for roles today - and allow Capgemini to help you to build the skills and obtain the experience that will empower you to ace your career.


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