A brilliant career opportunity at Amazon saw Cathryn Kachura working alongside Amazon robotics engineers to gain fabulous on-the-job training

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Cathryn Kachura works alongside Amazon’s newest robots

 June 24, 2019

Cathryn Kachura works alongside Amazon’s newest robots, helping to deliver on behalf of customers. She shares her exciting career journey to becoming a flow control specialist at Amazon.

Helping to launch an Amazon fulfillment center in Las Vegas

Cathryn was looking to earn some extra money when she accepted a position at Amazon's sortation center near Denver. 

"I started here as a part-time associate, just manually scanning customer packages to pallets," she explains.

She credits her manager for "seeing the potential I hadn't seen in myself." A few months into her role at Amazon, she was asked to help launch a new fulfillment center in Las Vegas.

"I ended up doing really well in leadership roles and training roles, and I learned a lot very quickly," she says. "I also learned that I really liked the challenge, and I wanted more."

Cathryn returned to Aurora, Colorado where she was eventually promoted to process assistant, helping oversee outbound operations.

Amazon robotics woman

Working on a new Amazon robotics program 

Her manager then told her about an opportunity to work on a new Amazon robotics program at the sortation center. She accepted immediately.

"Just having the opportunity to be a trailblazer was absolutely phenomenal to me," she adds.

Cathryn worked alongside Amazon robotics engineers for on-the-job training, enhanced by her own leadership and problem-solving skills that she'd honed in her previous roles.

"Now, I get to play with robots all day," she says.

Amazon robotics engineer

Embracing the opportunity to learn new things

As one of the sortation center's five flow-control specialists, Cathryn monitors the activity and traffic patterns of hundreds of robotic drive units. The robots carry customer packages to designated spots where they're slid down chutes before being sent out for delivery.

Since Cathryn had no background in robotics, and her job had never existed before, she is proud how she has handled a steep learning curve.

"There's a lot of learning as you go," she comments. "But there are a lot of really knowledgeable people on our team, and they're always there to support us."

Amazon sortation centre woman

Experiencing personal and professional growth

Cathryn looks forward to continuing on her cutting-edge path, thanks to the career opportunities she's discovered Amazon.

"If you come in here thinking that it's going to be a dead-end job, and you perform like it's going to be a dead-end job, that's what you're going to get," she says. 

"But if you come in here looking for personal growth, looking for professional growth, Amazon has all of the opportunities that you could ask for."

Amazon woman career

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