From French Data Associate to German Mentor, Lavinia is enjoying new opportunities and challenges in her Amazon career

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Amazons Lavinia mentored new team within Alexa Data Services

Amazon's Lavinia mentored new team within Alexa Data Services

 August 01, 2019

Lavinia P. is a Machine Learning Data Associate at Amazon in Bucharest, Romania. Lavinia joined Amazon as a French Data Associate in 2017 before taking on a new opportunity with the company.

Since Lavinia was also a proficient German speaker, she became the mentor of the first German Data Associates hired in Bucharest. “My proudest moment at Amazon is by far the one in which I took on the role of a mentor for the newly formed German team within Alexa Data Services," she says. "Having worked for the French team for about one year and a half and being familiar with many processes and workflows, I was excited to share all this knowledge with the newly created team.”

Working with diverse talent and developing skills

As an Amazonian, Lavinia gets to work with diverse talent and develop her skills by taking up new projects, from mentorship to branding.

Lavinia comments: “Besides the fact that I genuinely enjoy being part of the team that develops Alexa, my favorite part about working at Amazon is that we get to have our voice heard. We are part of a huge community of talented individuals, but each of our opinions matters. Moreover, we have a remarkable collection of online trainings and tools at our disposal that sharpens our thinking, teaches us how to manage a project from start to finish. I think it’s amazing that we feel valued and that we put into use our individual sets of skills in order to innovate.’’

Lavinia knows her opinions matter as an Amazonian

Lavinia likes the Amazon culture, mainly because she feels that her opinions matter. She explains: “Amazonian culture is unique because employee feedback and individual development are taken very seriously. For example, we have an internal tool that tracks our daily feedback about work and actions are taken afterwards on how to improve.”

During her entire professional path, Lavinia has focused on delivering the highest quality work, while also meeting deadlines, saying: “At Amazon I realized this is one of the core Leadership Principles: Insist on the highest standards. Being a mentor for the new hires made me feel extremely proud, because I managed not only to apply this leadership principle to myself, but also to push others to strive for the highest standards.”

Never backing down from a challenge: Lavinia's superpower

So, what’s Lavinia's superpower? She says it is definitely, never backing down from a challenge: “During my time at Amazon, I have been offered numerous growth opportunities, from mentoring new hires to delivering trainings for new workflows to my teammates. I believe that new opportunities are chances for continuous improvement, so, so far I have accepted all of them.”

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