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Exyte project director Cathy Cafarelli forges a long-term career

Exyte project director Cathy Cafarelli forges a long-term career

 September 09, 2019

Cathy Cafarelli joined Exyte in 2005 as a contract employee and says she was not expecting a permanent position, as she was pregnant with her son and just looking for a 6-month or so stepping stone until after he was born. Almost 14 years later, it is safe to say Cathy found the long-term career she was looking for with Exyte.

Cathy is now Director of Project Management/Project Director ATF, Americas, but say she has "held just about every position" during her tenure with Exyte. She shares her journey.

Trying her hand at different roles and gathering skills

"I started as a project admin, then moved to document control and then finance. I was, however, always drawn to the operations side of the house and therefore migrated to construction. I try to bring energy and passion to my role every day. Today I am an ATF Project Director and I run the PMO group in the U.S. It has been a long, tough road to here but I hope my growth in the company is seen as a testament to hard work paying off," she explains.

Working with people who lift you up and inspire

"I have been extremely fortunate, every step of the way, to work with amazing people," says Cathy. "People who lift you up and inspire. Managers and mentors who always encouraged me to look beyond my role. Construction and project management is not historically a 'women’s field'. It was very daunting at first. I think the key to succeeding is confidence in yourself and even more importantly, the people around you. You are going to make mistakes. Own them, learn from them and grow beyond them."

Enjoy a rewarding career like Cathy's with Exyte

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