Looking to ace that architectural career? Consider Capgemini

Looking to ace that architectural career? Consider Capgemini

 October 15, 2019

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For women who enjoy working in an environment where they are not confined to one technology, function or domain, Capgemini's architect learning programmes might just be the right opportunity to excel.

Lisa Eckersley is a Senior Architect at Capgemini UK specialising in integration - and she has most certainly been enjoying a thriving career.

Capgemini architects get to do awesome work

Architects are at the heart of the Capgemini business. Architects drive change through technological innovations that create business opportunities. They shape and translate business and IT strategies and needs into reliable, sustainable technology solutions.

The role of the architect is varied at Capgemini. Depending on the need and the scope of the engagement, different types of architects are required, and there is not one architect that will suit all needs.

At Capgemini, a global network of clients and architects bring in opportunities from across the globe. Whether you are an aspiring architect or a seasoned one, the company will have an opportunity for you to help further your career. The company offers opportunities in the UKGermanyIndiaPoland and in various other countries.

Brilliant career development for Capgemini architects

A consistent, Capgemini-wide framework for personal development, and a clearly defined career progression based on that framework, gives people the flexibility to take charge of their career.

This framework is also linked to a unique learning curriculum, developed specifically for Capgemini architects by the company's internal university, which gives its architects the ability to learn, earn certifications, and take part in a variety of events in their own countries and at Capgemini's global learning headquarters at the Serge Kampf Les Fontaines campus near Paris, France.

These development opportunities are present at each stage of a person's career, regardless of how senior or junior they are, and feature numerous ways to build hard and soft skills regardless of whether they are interested in learning to use the latest technologies or how to best work a room during a client meeting.

The annal Architects' Summit provides signiifcant growth opportunities

Capgemini Architects Summit

There is no better example of the architects’ community than Capgemini's yearly Architects’ Summit, which takes place at its learning campus  near Paris, France.

Led by the Global Head of the Architects’ Community, the summit features a multi-day agenda to help Capgemini's architects grow as client partners and trusted advisers by learning and applying new skills around clients as well as business and technology leadership. Events such as the summit help architects develop their internal and external networks, connect with their peers, and demonstrate how they fit into the bigger picture.

As a Capgemini architect you can really thrive

Drive innovation and change

  • monitor the latest technology trends to ensure relevance and credibility
  • actively engage with the partner ecosystem to generate market presence and create opportunities
  • shape business opportunities and offerings through application of new technologies

Own the solution

  • shape and own the end-to- end solution to ensure overall quality, integrity, and sustainability
  • provide leadership and direction to the technical teams
  • actively manage the solution scope and technology risks throughout the delivery

Jointly own the delivery

  • be a partner to the engagement manager, taking joint stewardship of the delivery
  • establish and operate the design authority for the engagement
  • create the architectural deliverables and shape the delivery approach to realize, implement, and operate the solution

Learn more about being an Architect at Capgemini

Capgemini encourages and supports women at all levels of their careers throughout the business - an being an Architect provides an amazing career pathway. 

Search and apply for current architect jobs with Capgemini UK to take your career to the next level.


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