Jean-Sébastien Jacques, Chief Executive of Rio Tinto, is named in Harvard Business Review's CEO 100 list for leadership and environmental approaches

Rio Tinto boss is among the Worlds Best Performing CEOs

Rio Tinto boss is among the World's Best Performing CEOs

Chief Executive of Rio Tionto, Jean-Sébastien Jacques, is officially one of the world's best performing CEOs.

J-S is featured in 'The CEO 100' list compiled by Harvard Business Review (HBR) which names and rates who HBR consider to be the top CEOs in the world.

Considering a whole tenure of performance

Unlike some other lists, HBR's rankings are not based on subjective evaluations or short-term metrics - the list relies on objective performance measures over a chief executive’s entire tenure.

The rankings are also based not only on financial performance but also on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) ratings. HBR ensures that ESG scores account for 30 per cent of each CEO’s final ranking, reflecting the fact that a rapidly growing number of companies now focus on more than bottom-line metrics when they make investment decisions. 

The CEOs who appear in the list also display longevity - and illustrate how happy boards are to allow a high-performing leader to stay in their job for many years. 

An impressive background and career for J-S

J-S Jacques Rio Tinto CEO

J-S was appointed CEO of Rio Tinto’s Copper group in 2013 and CEO of the Copper & Coal group in 2015. He led the transformation of this group, delivering a step-change in both safety and cash performance while reshaping the portfolio to focus on a core of the highest-quality assets. He also had responsibility for two growth projects, Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia and Resolution in the US, both of which saw significant progress during his tenure.

Prior to joining Rio Tinto, J-S spent more than 15 years working in various roles across Europe, South East Asia, India and the US. He covered a wide range of positions for the aluminium, bauxite and steel industries and notably served as Group Director, Strategy, for Tata Steel Group.

J-S is highly respected for his thought leadership across a wide range of geopolitical and economic issues within the mining industry and more broadly.

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